06/24/2008 Letter

Hey Família

So things have been pretty good here lately. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot since I’ve been here about quite a few things and also have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the church. I gave my first real talk in Portuguese about 6 min in church. Members gave me a congrats at the end so I am thinking that that is a good sign. Also we taught a lot of new people this week and have people ready to be baptized. I am really excited. They had Sao João yesterday and it will go on until the end of this next week and it was insane. Fires in the streets and everything. But we still tried to teach although most of our investigators weren’t there we managed a few more lessons for the night. We have zone conference tomorrow and then we will have only this week and the next until transfers. Doesn’t seem like it should’ve been that long but here it is. The investigators are telling me I speak better already, so thank you for your prayers, they really are helping. This week just seemed to fly by but there is a lady we taught and met two days ago. She has had a really tough life and we are trying to help her out the best we can. I know the gospel will give her that strength in her life. I was happy to get all of your e-mails and things. It sounds like things have been going better there since school stopped and things slowed down a bit. How has your many travels been going? Well the walking has sure helped my legs I remember how bad my shin splints were at the beginning of the mission and now they are practically fine!! We are teaching people and getting people really excited about the gospel and I think I am just beginning to understand all my responsibilities. Though learning them will come with a lot of time and patience on my part. But I am teaching better. I just began to teach the first lesson with out too much difficulty and now am trying to teach the 2nd and 3rd the same way. The areas great the people are really fun here. I thought I would tell you that for lunch today at a member’s house I ate cow heart!!!Yummy!!! They just had it extra it wasn’t really all we were going to eat but it was mighty tasty!!! By the way mom and dad thanks for the package. I made a pizza crust today for breakfast it was tasty Too!! Well my comps giving me the times up sign I’d better get this thing sent out and ready. Love you all I hope you get my pictures and letters soon!! 
Elder Allred


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