07/09/2008 Letter

Hey family how are things going!! Well I didn’t get transferred and neither did my companion, so I am here for another 6 weeks. I think we will have a lot of success this next transfer.  There are about 10 people we are teaching and 6 with marked baptisms.  Thanks dad for the Portuguese I understand most of it!! The investigators are all very well. We baptized Ernando who is 14 on Saturday. I was chosen to be the bastinado (baptizer)!! It was my second time so it was much better than the first time. I actually knew what I was saying!! It has been a great week for teaching, although we had a lot of meetings. We met the new president and his wife on Friday and that was in Cararua which is a good 2 hour drive. That eats up the day. Then we had a baptism and then transfers. We will be working really hard this next transfer to get all of our baptisms. It has been rewarding though, a total of 3 people have been baptized. We are teaching a lot of Ernando’s friends now, about 3 of them all really want baptism.  We are teaching Alan, who is also a youth, who really wants baptism. His aunt had the 1st lesson but is always at college it is hard to get her. He is very enthusiastic though and has already chosen me to be his batizador. We are trying to teach a family right now. They all really enjoy us and enjoy our message. I have found it isn’t so easy to teach a whole family of 6 people. They have one little girl who is full of energy and it gets hard to keep her settled down to get the lesson across fully, but we manage and I am learning. Tonight we will teach them the second lesson and invite them to church again. We met a teen the other day, he is about 17.


My comp made a contact with his mom and she wasn’t there so we taught him. It is great to see the excitement they have when we teach them about our church. The people here are really nice. I’ve done a lot of knocking on doors and people are just really open and welcome.  They invite you to come in and share a message with them. They are never to busy to hear the word of the Lord. I feel great to serve them here in Arcoverde. One example is I did a Bata Porta (door) and told her who I was and that we were there trying to share the gospel with everyone. She said come on in. (Entre, Entre) I said.. um momento Irma´ voce vou visitou  a Igreja este domingo? 9 h da manha? ela disse… eu não sai.. entre, entre.. (I think that means “One moment Irma, will you visit the church on Sunday?  9 a.m.  in the morning.  She said I do not leave (her house?), come in, come in”).   I had to explain that we had lots of people to teach and that if she wanted to she could visit the church and kindly invited her. It just goes to show they are open and nice and want the word even if they can’t or won’t go to church.  They love the Lord and want the word anyways. I just wish we could help more to come to church. I think that will only come with faith. I am glad to hear about Nauvoo, that it went so well. I was praying for you all.  I am also glad to hear that you all had a blast!! Those always seemed to me like fun, I am glad you were able to experience it. Hopefully you did what mom did and wrote it your journal!!! I can’t wait to read your journal page mom!!


Dad I hope that that page will help you with the task you have. I will include that in my prayers this week!!


That is really funny that Candice made that; tell her I miss her too, and all my buddies (Cadas). Well I love all of you; I know your summer has been going well so far, it sounds like it has been. I hope it continues to go well. I haven’t received the package yet but maybe this next week or two when we have district meetings and interviews. Well I love you, again talk to you soon. Good Luck with the YM conference in Fargo. Have a safe drive.
Love You
Elder Allred






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