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02/26/2008 Letter

February 26, 2008

Oi Mei Familia!!
How is everything going? Well im here at mr. cheney´s cookies across the street from the ctm. I am having an amazing time both spiritually and all else. Mentally though im not sure yet.. lol.. Well alot has happened in the last week. I arrived in Brazil and pretty much was blown away by how large Soa Paulo is. We went to the CTM and the food here is not bad that is if you love Rice and Beans.. Lucky me i guess!! Elder Hinckley and his wife came down and talked to us it was very good. I think that really helped me get over the homesickness.
   Today we went to the Campinas temple and that was a really good experience to be closer to the lord and sort of get away from all the problems of the world.

Today is our first Prep day so i´ll probaby be doing lots of laundry and such here in the next few hours. I’m really trying to pick up on the portugese. It sort of seems like im not getting anywhere but granted ive only been here for a few days. AS far as teaching others ive learned qutie alot about how to teach. It isnt as bad as i thouhgt it was. Though still it can be extreamly unnerving when you acctually havnt done it to people you have already met.

My Companheros are pretty cool guys… whoops sorry ELDERS!!. They are all either from Idaho or Utah. but they are good support. We had some of the Brazilian missionaries in our dorm the other night and Elder Sudweeks ( my comp) gave them some Pop Rocks for the first time. It was pretty much the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life.. They were simply amazed.. like in awe of Americano Dose´ (candy)!!! Dont worry i got it on camera. You dont think i would pass up a chnace like that? HEHE well anyways it is great here. I really cant wait until i get to the feild though that is when the real work begins. But im learning alot and it is really amazing how close to the spirit Iam here.. Anyways. love you all lots. Hope everything is going well over there in america.


Love Elder Allred


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