03-04-2008 Letter

Dear Mom, Dad, Megan, Tyler, and everyone;First off I’m so happy to hear from you! As much as I love the CTM so far, I love hearing from home. Well this week has been eventful but first I want to tell you about my flight.

It was nuts getting off the ground in Sioux Falls, I was pretty excited I’ll admit. There was a guy from Ohio who, through his dad’s work, got a free trip to hunt on one of the big farms out there. Well I talked to him for pretty much the whole flight about everything. We talked about hunting and fishing and even my experiences on the mountains and just everything. Well I gave him a pass along card because we had a good talk about religion. I really enjoyed that experience. So I got off the plane and quickly found my way to a bus and went to the other gate. My jet this time was much bigger and had TVs and everything in it so I just sort of chilled out n the plane. I was the only one in the seat and didn’t really talk to anyone. Umm, I know they were watching “How I met your mother” on the plane which I absolutely love but I resisted and kept telling myself nope you are the Lords now, don’t do it.  So it was sort of a boring flight but gave me tons of time to evaluate life. Amazingly enough one of the pilots who kept walking by my isle from Ohio talked to me after the flight .he said which mission you going to? I was like your a member aren’t you? So we talked about his mission and I guess his parents were flying out of Atlanta to England and he wanted to catch them. So he showed me where to go and I had no trouble getting through the Atlanta airport. Thanks to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers.

    I met up with only one other elder. Elder Reesse. He is from Washington and why he flew all the way from Salt Lake to Atlanta rather than catching a ride to Dallas with the other missionaries I will never know. But he was a good friend to have along the long trip to São Paulo. We actually met some G.A. ´s I think or maybe just church officials who are finishing up work in Manus for the temple there. Anyways we had a nice chat with them before we left. If they were General Authorities they were probably from the 70´s. Well it was a long flight and I was so tired I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. It was nuts. Plus I didn’t understand a lick of Portuguese anyone way saying. Luckily for Elder Reese. Anyways we got to the CTM after a long drive and I got first pick of room and bed and closet. So that was sweet. And it has been smooth sailing ever since.

Um as far this last week we have been just getting to know each other as companions. Elder Sudweeks is a lot like me in things we like to do he is actually a lot more laid back than I am which is great because I never have to worry about things. I work out every gym session we have plus nights. I am trying to build some kind of something while I am here but I won’t let it get in the way of my real work. The food here is a lot like what we are going to be eating. Rice and Beans. It is kindda gross at first but after 2 weeks of it I’m getting used to it. The juice here is amazing. I love fruit. I bought a shirt last p-day and plan on buying more today. Like $2.50 a tie and they are like Italian ties. Wow… anyways. The CTM is just amazing I feel so great. It’s like being in church all day for every week and I love it. Sundays are my favorite it is such a chill day and you get extremely close to god. I went to the temple today. I felt very good I will write down that experience for you later and perhaps send it to you. Oh yeah I sent you something also so it should be there in a few weeks. We love class. One thing is the Elder Durant, one of my and Elder Sudweeks´ room copanheros is pretty much the funniest guy ever. You just look at him and laugh. We don’t let him say prayers anymore just because he makes everyone laugh just from saying one word. I don’t know what it is but he just has that gift of happiness. The lord answered my prayers again I’m learning quite well despite my problem with retaining info. I now know to pray before every study session. And try and end with a prayer of thanks. It is amazing how the Lord handles life’s crazy situations when you humbly pray to him for help.

That is so great to hear about the play I’m proud of you both Megan and Tyler. I just wish I could be there. I will be there in spirit though… I wish you both luck and promise not to get too nervous that is my only advice for you. I m sorry to hear about you, mom, getting sick I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I’ve been praying for your health every night and it must be working!! That has been a major worry for me is your welfare and health.  I hope you continue to get better. I miss being there to help you out. Dad I’m so proud of you good job. That above all my language classes has been my worry that you would be save traveling to California. I’ve prayed for that I still pray you get home safely. I know god will continue to bless all of you because of this mission. I’m still getting better at writing letters. I hope I included more info this time. Last time I was feeling pretty sad because I had to rush. I will try better to include as much as possible. Tyler can definitely have my bed. It’s cool with me..lol… but that is just so cool to know that Tyler has got the part and he is only a freshman. I’m way proud of him for that. Megan you are going to be great never forget that. I’m proud of you.  You have an amazing talent for acting.  I love you all. Never forget that. Umm I only really have 45 min to write and check but if you want to write me all you want I can try and arrange to get printing. We’ll work it out it is still a new process for me… lol…. but umm I have to run. Love you

Elder Allred

p.s. Jacob go out with the missionaries all you can and read the scriptures like twice a night. Say vocal prayers twice daily and just keep being the awesome kid you are. And you will be amazing!!! IF you are already doing these things keep it up cuz!! Love ya!!

Love you all!!

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