03/11/2008 Letter

Hey! Well I made sure to write down something exciting that happened in case I forgot it. I do that when spending a lot of time memorizing things… thanks for the letters I will love to read them when they get there I sent you another letter or rather will send it today.. You can also send me more e-mails..lol.. I love lots of stuff but if it is easier to send it then that is fine. Well Elder smith and his wife are the assistant’s secretaries and assistants here at the ctm. I was really glad to here from the chorus elder smith directs. He was a music professor at BYU, I think, but he is great at what he does. Tuesday devotional was pretty amazing I learned a lot about the Brazil missions and our expectations as missionaries. IT was good to see how the church is so predominant here. I bought a cool tie last p-day and found a bag of a ton of candy for practically nothing, just to tell you how different things are here. Also last p-day my companhero and me and our district went to a juice place on the corner. I had papaya and if you think that Jack Lalane´s was good you should try this. The only problem was that when I went to pay for it I tried to tell the guy how great it was using my best Portuguese. I said MUITO BEM!! And gave him the “ok” sign, well I forgot in Brazil that isn’t so good to do… Luckily the guy just smiled and I said thanks and paid for it. There is a Brazilian elder who really likes to play jokes and stuff. Well one time he came bursting in on our district meeting, he had just finished his gym time, he said “I am an American” “True Baller”, and then ran out. We just sort of wondered what just happened. And Elder Salazer (the assistant to the prez.) sort of shook his head and said “who taught him baller”? I had to laugh at that one. Our district really likes to sing. We some times get so bored that we break out into the lion sleeps tonight and such. So far we are trying to learn it in Portuguese. I wrote my first lesson in Portuguese the other day. I was told what a great job it was, but needed to cut it down some because it is going to be my street approach. I guess I only have like 30 seconds to talk. My professor was impressed I showed him my talk and slipped him a piece of candy. I am pretty sure it wasn’t the candy though : ).. I tried eating this crazy banana thing at lunch a few days ago. It was like some ham and cheese thing with chocolate all rolled up in a slice of brown banana. Probably won’t try it again… Irmão Borges is our new teacher, the other one is in law school for a month, he is pretty cool. He promised us hat if we did everything he said we would leave without know Portuguese. I was asked by our district leader to bless the sacrament. I was like sure that is easy. Yeah I had to learn it in Portuguese. It wasn’t too bad I got the hang out it. It was just difficult trying to pronounce all the words correctly. Anyways I was really nervous before I had to say it and said a quick prayer asking heavenly father to help me say right. I did just fine. I said it I think well enough for my first time that I didn’t have to repeat it. MY companhero did just fine also. On Sunday, my favorite day of the week in the ctm, I read 2 chapters of Jesus the Christ.. 6& 7.. It has a tone of info I will probably have to reread it. I also read chapter 11&12 in 3rd Nephi.. (Excellent chapters) I didn’t get to give my talk, DARN, lol… but maybe next week. WE are all asked to prepare talks in the ctm and the branch president chooses at random who will speak. It sort of keeps you on the edge because you’re half afraid you’ll be the next one up. I think it helps people listen more to the talks. This Friday I will go proselyting for the first time.  I have to crunch down on my Portuguese this week so I can at least speak something. Anyways they are going to just drop us off in the middle of the citatde ( city) and we are to just go and talk to people. I am way excited for that. As for the studying though I guess that comes with practice. We went to Templo Campinas again to today. IT was a very good trip. Today for p-day I am sending like 7 letters out. One will be to you guys in roughly two weeks. I am also sending a postcard to the ward. I’ve sent it to bishop but I will send to you next time. But you will be getting a letter from me soon I wrote it like 2 days ago. I think today for p-day we are going to go and try some more juice or something. Probably look at some more shops and what not. There are a lot of really cool shops around here. It is fun just to go and look around at what they do. I have a great view of the city from my room it is so big. It feels kindda of restricting coming from a place where it is wide open spaces everywhere. The people here are way nice though. I actually don’t have any more brazee friends. They all left this morning to go to the mission field.  I learned a lot from them in the language. So it was really sad seeing them go, they were all really neat guys. I have pics of them so I will send them to you as soon as possible. I still haven’t found a way to get them through the internet but as expensive as they are to print I am not sure if I can get tem. They are almost double what it is to print here around the ctm then at say a shop in the US. I am sure as you get away from the ctm though it isn’t too much. We had an experience trying to print pics. We tried to get some printed for the brazees who left today and they told us to come and pick them up the next day, which wasn’t our p-day. Well we gave the ticket to a friend who had his p-day the next day and they charged him full amount for it. Well that was my week. I am still working hard and trying to get everything learned and memorized. I can’t wait to read the letters you sent me. Love you guys. Megan, Tyler, thanks for you messages and good luck again with the play keep up the practicing. I can’t wait to see it when I get home!! Stick with it to it will really build your confidence and you will be great. I am proud of you both. Mom I hope you are feeling better, Dad I am glad you got home safely. Love you!! Elder Allred

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