03/18/2008 Letter

Well I bought a green tie just for that day so no worries there. I haven’t received your letters yet but I bet they will be here in the next week or so. I am excited to receive them. I will only be here for the next 5 weeks so in 2 weeks I think it would be safe to start sending my mail to Recife that way I know I will get it. I will try and get my apartment address to you as soon as possible. Any mail sent to the mission office will be kept there until transfers so if you feel it is safer to just send it to the office then I’m fine with that. I just won’t get any of it for 6 weeks at a time. I sent a whole lot of mail out last p-day so that should be arriving in the next week. Hopefully.. Well today we have the whole day to ourselves. We will be going to an all you can eat meat place today for like 5 bucks. Yeah I’m excited. Umm I guess it is a big thing most of the missionaries do here at the CTM… I am not sure what else we will be doing today but probably scouting around more. The juice stop was good last week. There weren’t any repeats like last time. I had passion fruit and that was really good. I also didn’t get to give my talk on Sunday. Probably this Sunday though because my companheiro gave his. We watched the new Joseph Smith movie on our film on Sunday. It was really good. It really helps to be reminded. I was then prompted to read Joseph Smith History all the way through. I did that and to my great surprise we had a devotional about scriptures. And the presidente giving that talk used the JSH as apart of his lesson. I really understood everything better. Sunday has got to be my favorite day of the week. Meals are getting better I’m sure it isn’t so much the cooking it is probably me getting used to it. I actually am frustrated when they don’t have beans and rice!!! I am sorry to hear about the home problems. I am sure I will get my taste of home difficulties here in 5 weeks. Hopefully not as severe as a leak as you had. I don’t even know how to stop those.
I am going to try and send pictures today hopefully they make it. 
Funny story we found the spiting image of the MONSTARS from ´´the space jam“ here at the CTM. At lunch this district always comes in and it is a district of about 5 people. There is one skinny tall guy, two medium tall kids, one really short guy, and then a really big tall guy. They always stick together wherever we see them. It is sort of an observation my companheiro made when at lunch. He started laughing pretty much uncontrollably. And let us in on it after about 5 min of hard laughing. He’s got a huge imagination.

Anyways class hasn’t had as lot of interesting things lately. We are just getting into our third lesson.. We are writing more in Portuguese and I think in 2 weeks we aren’t allowed to read anything in English unless it is for personal study. Other than that we are only supposed to write and read in Portuguese. Our last week is strictly Portuguese speaking with maybe a bit of English thrown in their if we don’t know words. (Our districts goal) anyways I am excited for it.) I am amazed on how much I’ve actually learned this last 4 weeks here. I am definitely growing in my knowledge and understanding. It has been an awesome experience so far. Our Brazilian roommates left last night. So I guess we are just waiting for some more so we can learn more of the language. It helps a lot when trying to learn a language to just talk to them. They have no problem trying to help you out.

Last week our district pretty much got sick. I guess we got too used to the temp here. And even though it has only dropped to the low 70´s at night we all got colds. It was sort of funny to see. You walk into class and you have all these Americans sick from 70 degree weather. Oh well I think we are all over it now.
I have been thinking a lot of all of you too. I can’t wait to hear about how school, work, and life, have been going for you. It sounds like fun so far. Well love you all I hope things are going well. And continue to go well. I am glad you are all over the flu. I hope as it actually gets warmer there that things will start to go better. You are in my prayers all the time.

Love Elder Allred

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