Text from Paper Letter sent 03/09/2008


Hey Mom and Dad,

            I thought I would just send you this letter because e-mails are great but letters are even better.  Today was pretty much the best Domingo ever.  I had read Chapter 6 and 7 of Jesus the Christ and think I will probably have to read them once more.  Tons of info.  Today we had a great talk about missionary work and of course I took notes because if I don’t I forget.  I love my district so far.  We are growing closer together and definitely seeing each others point of view.  I learned an important lesson today.  To truly love God, you must love his children and part of loving his children – you must listen.  (All through my own studying)  Today during companhero inventory I let Elder Sudweeks know about the fact that I have trouble listening to others.  I expressed to him my desire to completely follow the “True to the Faith” section on “Love for God” as I try to serve.  I learned that I am not alone – for one – that many have that same problem but most importantly that all that is required of me is to “sacrifice” some of my time and just listen.  Anyways Sudweeks has the same problem I do and so we are going to try to help one another before the real work begins.  This all came about because of the characteristic test I took.  One area I scored lowest on was charity and love.  In a way it doesn’t surprise me because my patriarchal blessing says this mission will help to love people.

            Yesterday we had a large group meeting!  That is when only the Americano’s get together.  We listened to a talk about the Atonement.  It was interluded with a talk by Elder Holland.  He said “that we as missionaries should never ask why it is so hard, because the Atonement wasn’t easy.  The Atonement didn’t come cheap.  And if Christ could go through the Atonement then we can go through a mission.”  I liked it because it basically said stop whining and get back to work.  The Atonement wasn’t easy; we are all required to give something so why would it be easy!  Anyways watch it if you can for Family Home Evening, it would be a great one for Tom to watch because it deals tremendously with Jesus Christ.  Anyways life is good.  I am still working hard at Portuguese.  Its coming easier.  I can talk to Brazees and get them to understand me – I guess!  I am really learning a lot more in the Gospel and teaching.  I am also learning so much in adulthood.  I actually do my own laundry now!  I work out hard on my gym days.  Hopefully in 6 weeks I will be toned out good enough so I can do more pushups in the field (he he – hope for meJ.  I guess that is the extent of what you get in this letter.  If I told you anymore I would have nothing to write to you on P-Day so I will leave the rest for e-mail.  Anyways, don’t worry I am allowed to write on Sunday (Domingo) at least in the CTM, which is pronounced “she-the-emme”.

            Good luck with the play practice Megan and Tyler.  I am really excited for you!  Dad I hope California was great and you are home.  Mom I hope you are better of course I will need to check the email on P-day, but I hope that as spring is coming up, you will get better.  Love you all!

                                                            Love Elder Allred!

P.S. (he needed an address of a friend in Colorado)


I like candy yes I do!

I like candy how bout you!

The Easter Bunny isn’t in Brazil,

I know I am on my mission but still!

If you be willing Americano candy is nice,

Even a snickers bar would suffice!

Brazilian candy I like a lot,

But American candy hits the spot!

Homemade candy I love so greatly

But a package of something would help me lately!

So here’s a way to make the others jealous,

If you want to know how to make me more zealous,

Elders have a craziness for sweets

And I will shout “Hooray” to all the Brazilian streets.

(but not too loudly because then I won’t get any!!)

Just kidding, but just so you know I like candy a lot Mom & Dad, and Peanut Butter.  I love Peanut Butter, a lot!  So like a little jar of PB and some American candy at least sometime, “Not Right Now” cause right now, I am leaving in 6 weeks (now 4 weeks)!  But you know whenever you want to send something you know one day, like even if its Christmas, candy is good. Even if you save Easter candy for me until Christmas, I will be so amazingly grateful, so will my companhero.  Yeah, not to say I need it now but this is sort of a request (I think) – yeah, a request.  Um but remember, postage really is crazy so I am not sure how packages will work so I will let you know.  But I thought I would at least let you know!  Love you guys.  This was all a funny joke, but really, I LIKE CANDY!

Love Elder Allred

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