Jason’s Email for 03/25/2008

Hey!!!I had a really good week this week. On Wednesday we went to the police station where I was finger printed. It was a fun experience. One of the elders in the back broke out into song though so that was sort of weird. They have a way cool police station here though. I really enjoyed it. Thursday we had normal class. I was able to say full sentences without notes and form them in my mind. A big leap for me!!  I also passed my milestone (test in the CTM) so it was really great to make progress. I finished reading the scriptures and will start them all over again. Also, I am halfway through reading Jesus the Christ. If you haven’t already read it, it gives really good insight to our Savior’s life. Me and my companions are getting along well; we have a lot of fun in our district. Friday we had our desks stolen and replaced for smaller desks. Actually we have been sort of battling over them from another district across the hall. They always take them away. Anyways we were fortunate enough to receive bigger desks this week from our brother district that left this morning for the field. They were some of the coolest guys in that district. It is really sad they left. Oh well, I will be here for 4 more weeks so we all have to go sometime. Saturday was really probably the worst day and longest. Our teacher had to leave for meetings all morning so we had pretty much 6 hours of study period. Saturday I had a really fun experience working out in the gym. My buddy who I always worked out with left today so that was his last day.  It was a fun last work out and we pushed ourselves. I always say when you’re given 40 or so minutes to exercise, use it!!! Sunday was Easter. I love Sundays anyways but Easter was great. I had received a package you probably already knew about, from the Homers; it was a good surprise for me. My companion also received one so we watched the “Preach My Gospel” movies which is basically a real life documentary on missionaries teaching and doing what they do. We all enjoyed that and ate candy and read from our scriptures. It was a great time. Anyways Sunday we had a really good church meeting. We also had a really good priesthood session. Elder Smith gave us a really great talk. After which I was called into a meeting with Elder Edwards. He asked me to be the new district leader for our district which I accepted so I am the new district leader. And Elder Fletcher who was the old one has become the new assistant to the president. It has been a good experience so far. I am sending you a letter about the whole experience that I wrote right after wards because I tend to forget details too much. We had a really good Easter Sunday. I read another chapter of Jesus the Christ. I wrote some in my journal and then took a short nap before we were to go to our meeting that night. Our fireside was amazing. I really can’t explain it any different. A president, I believe from Utah and his wife who are getting done with their missions soon, gave us an awesome speech about working hard. After the meeting we went to our rooms and had a really good time just talking and everything. The district that left today came by and talked with us so overall Easter was a fun experience. Yesterday I woke up having another cold. I have had this cold since last week and can’t understand it. It is almost 70 degrees outside. Oh well Monday was sort of an off day but I understand the language a lot better now. Today we went to the São Paulo temple and really enjoyed that. I think it is now in my favorites. I am sending you a bunch of letters today and a pic cd because pics are too hard to send through Brazilian internet. So I hope I can get it to you this week or the next. You probably won’t get it for another 3-5 weeks depending on how long they take for small packages here.  I think today we are going to try a hot pocket shop and then photo shop for the cd and probably browse like we always do. P-days are great to just browse. Thanks for the e-mails. And the funny poem you sent me.  Megan, Tyler, good luck with the play practice as always. I hope you are getting those lines down pat… I figure if I can get what little I know about Portuguese down, and I really have a bad memory, you probably should have the whole play committed to memory by now. Lol… jk jk… anyways good luck. Have fun getting ready for prom Megan. Be easy on the poor guys too; if you don’t want to go with them let em off nicely. lol jkjk. I probably shouldn’t give you trash even though I am too far away for you to even get me back.. But really enjoy it.   Jr./SR. years were my favorite. Anyway I’d better go. Eu ama voces… Tchue!!!

Elder Allred

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