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First Week in Muribeca

April 30, 2008

Hey familia!!
Então eu querro que vocês saber sobre meu felizes.
(So I want all of you to know I am happy) I have had a really great week but I won’t lie, it has been a bit rough trying on my missionaries shoes and getting to work. I am still working hard trying to understand this language and will get it sometime. Who knows when? Well we have already had a baptism this last week, Irma De Silva. She has been taking the lessons for a while now so my companheiro taught her and I listened to what the conversations were all about. I can understand the conversations but am not yet able to speak.  She was baptized on Saturday and is doing well so far. She is a really nice lady and now we are teaching her daughter and grandkids. Well this area is really great; it is still small and so we have about 5 other areas that we travel by bus to. It is really humble and most of our travels are by bus. It gets pretty crazy on travel because we do it so often. The missionaries here before us worked a lot in the outside areas and we are trying to complete those appointments.  We will be trying to find investigators mostly around the area of Muribeca. Our other areas are Marcus Freeire and Intraday and some others I can’t yet pronounce. Anyways it was hard getting used to all the walking we do. I think I won’t be used to it for a good month but I am already ready to walk anywhere we go. The members here are really nice they all have a special personality. They have a great building here. It is really nice and probably the size of ours in Sioux Falls. The Brazilians like to design things very intricate so it is a lot like that. One thing I found out is that Brazilian homes don’t have carpet it is all tile so that is amazing!!  We found a lady yesterday and taught her about the restoration and also about the Book of Mormon. We also spent most of yesterday knocking on doors trying to find people to teach. Since we have all our contacts being baptized we have only 3 to teach and so we need more people. Anyway, she was very interested about everything and let us teach her. Also, we went out with Niño, a member a year younger than me, who wants to show us all the places around.  Sunday I gave a talk in church about missionary work. Talk about trial by fire. I sort of didn’t speak correctly and wrote everything down that I was going to say. But I received lots of compliments afterwards so I guess I did pretty well.  The Brazilians are so nice; they are always willing to help you out if you need help, so it has been really great to get to know the members. Oh something really funny. They sell live chickens here from trucks. They just drive by homes yelling chickens for sale and people buy them alive and take them into their homes. It is really different but also really cool. Also in the streets, animals are everywhere.  It is really different to see but I love it.  They don’t have to worry about people taking their animals or livestock like we do.  Everyone is so willing to help out. Well that was about it in my week we did a lot of walking and taught a few lessons and now we want to try and clean this area up a little bit from all the confusion we are both experiencing. Anyways I haven’t received the package yet because I haven’t been to the mission office. But I will go tomorrow and it will probably be there if it isn’t than I will tell you. Love you all.  Thanks again for the mail. I have to go I am short on time. Sorry I couldn’t write you at work dad like I do.  My mission mail sort of ate up my time but I will try next week. Also, I want to try and write e-mails to you mom, and also Megan and Tyler. Mail is sort of hard to get out of my area now because it is so cut off from the city. I am sorry about that!! Love you all I hope things are going well.

Elder Allred

P.S.  I don’t think I will need the suit because we don’t even need to wear suits for anything just when we are coming home. I am not sure if I need anything right now thanks a bunch for everything!! Love you!!!


P.S.S.  Sorry again. when I meant to say mission mail I didn’t mean the mail you sent to me but the mail the secretaries send out to us.  It is good to read those and it takes time for me now that I am still learning the language. but still write, I love getting e-mails and it is better because I can’t get letters from you until transfers or when my dl goes and gets them so I will try to hurry and read my mission mail faster in Portuguese so I am able to write more.. I love you all talk to you soon!!
Elder Allred


Picture of Jason and President Woodruff

April 24, 2008

Jason’s Letter 04/23/2008

April 23, 2008

Hey everyone

Well I made it alright but you should see what it takes to get the luggage from point a to b to c and finally to d. it was really fun though. I am in my new area and really like it. It is so hot though.  I am in Muribeca which is on the outskirts of Recife.  It is nice to have everything moved and in place. So I woke up on Tuesday morning about 3:30 and got all ready to go. I spent all Monday packing. We took the bags down had a quick meeting and left. We arrived 20 min later at the airport and had a good 45 min to board. We boarded the plane to Recife and it was a good 4 hour flight. We took occasional stops in Hebro em Preto (sp) and Salvador. Then, we arrived at the Recife airport. Presidente Woodruff and Sister Woodruff are so nice they welcomed us and we loaded up and went to the Recife temple where we stayed the night. It was really great we had a series of meetings and lunch at the presidente´s casa and the secretaries took us to a burger shop close by. We woke up the next morning and had a quick breakfast and then had to get everything loaded up and went to the stake center here in town. We had another meeting with president woodruff and then we received our new trainers. My trainer is Elder Riddle who is from Utah. He is really great guy. After that I said good bye to all my CTM buddies and we walked from the stake center to a bus stop with all the luggage probably about a half mile away.  We road a bus about 30 min to the outskirts of town and took another bus to the area where I am now. It was probably one of the most exciting times I have ever had, it was a little crazy getting things around, but I managed. Our apartment is great, but I have some specifics about the apartment I need to know yet. Right now I am just writing letters and enjoying p-day. My p-days will be on Wednesdays. And I will have only about 45 minutes to e-mail. I also found out that it is best to send the letters and packages to the mission office because we are only in areas for short periods of time. So the address that you have sent the package to is the one all my letters should go to I will get them probably every 4 weeks or so but it ensures that I will get anything you send to me. : ) 

I am really glad Brother Nelson wrote you and talked to you; that is really neat. I am glad we were able to communicate that way – sort of. I am sorry this is so short I am only limited to a few minutes to mail. I will teach my first lesson today and so that means I need to speak some Portuguese!! I am excited and I think it will go well. I will make sure to include that experience in my next letter or e-mail. I really like my new area; I think I will enjoy getting to know the people here and teaching to them the gospel. It feels like I have left my second home (the CTM) but I know Heavenly Father has great blessings in store for me here and that things will be great again. It doesn’t seem like it has been 2 months at all. Most of the missionaries I have talked to so far have said that it doesn’t seem like a year since they have been out. I am going to get lost in the work and I know it will be lots of fun. I will try and write more letters and everything, now that I know more about my schedule. I love you all.  Anyways I am here and I am safe!! Love you…

Elder Allred

Email Letter from 04/15/2008

April 15, 2008

Well this week was really great.  It was really long too because we were all really excited for this week, our last week.  I am sort of nervous because it is for real now and I am not sure how my lingua is going to be.  Probably the same as it is for every American, I hope!!  I think the greatest thing is that I am finally going to be out there being a missionary.  I expect though that I should be in the swing of things here in a good 1-2 months. (Actually I better be or I am in a lot of trouble….lol…)

Tuesday was the same thing we do all the time.  We tried the hot pocket place once again and that wasn’t half bad I had some weird thing with tons of meat and cheese in it. YUMM!  We wrote letters and things which was really great.  Just so you know if you see a purchase on my card history for like $16, I was helping out one of the elders with a mail problem he was having. (You can delete that part if you want to.  Lol not too important.) Well, anyway, the Tuesday night devotional was amazing as always and we had a great time getting to know each other as a district. Wednesday- Friday were classes and more classes.  We really tried to speak Portuguese in every class and did awesome.  I have a problem with conjugations still but Pres. Edwards said that would all come with experience.  Friday we went proselyting (Prosilitismo) and that was really fun.   Palista Avenue was where we went.  Our first guy was American he was from New York and I guess met his wife here on vacation and has lived here ever since.  He has heard some about our church and we gave him a card.  I always feel inadequate when I start speaking Portuguese and they say “would you rather speak English?”….. oh well. Lol… The people after him were all really nice and we had much success placing cards.  I had a harder time speaking at a rapid pace which caused many of the people I was talking too to leave or tell me they didn’t have time.  It was sort of discouraging.  I said a quick prayer to help me not be so discouraged and amazingly enough we met a guy just smiling at us.  We went up to talk to him and he was American.  He was a member of the church from Texas and was here on business.  He told us to follow him, that he had two business partners who we needed to talk to.  We arrived at his hotel and in the lobby he had a partner from Kansas and one from São Paulo.  We talked about our church and where we were from for a little while.  Then my comp started to teach Mr. Ideker about the book of Mormon and our belief in that.  Brother Larry Nelson was the man’s name from Texas. He introduced me to the man from São Paulo.  I taught him in my best Portuguese (or in other words the little I know) and he accepted the Book of Mormon I gave him.  He was really surprised that it was free though, I think mostly because he has a large collection of religious artifacts and books at his home.  Anyway it was a great experience he took a pic of me and my comp and wants to send it to you guys.  That experience really motivated me to finish placing my pass along cards out; I had no troubles after that.

Saturday was class again and I still hadn’t written my talk for Sunday.  That day went by really fast and before I knew what happened I was trying to organize my thoughts 20 minutes before sacrament meeting.  I prepared a good overview of how the Book of Moron answers questions, but I wasn’t randomly selected to give a talk and lucked out on that one.  Probably this week though… I definitely learned my lesson!!!  We finished with sacrament meeting and I had District Leader training which was really insightful if I ever get called as DL again.  We had our district meeting and I utilized my training in calling others to share my responsibilities.  IT has worked well so far.  Sunday night devotional was really great!!  The speaker was very funny but gave us a good lesson on life decisions.  Yesterday was really fun we had the opportunity to learn more about conjugations!!!! YAY!!!!  Today the temple was a great experience.  I stayed longer after our session because this might be my last time for a while depending where I serve.  I learned tons more than before.  It was a really great experience.  I received all your letter packages so far and am thankful for them.  I really laughed about all the funny stuff that has been happening.  I have a bunch of letters that I will reply to soon.  I am just waiting until I get into my mission before I send anymore out that way I know for sure that they get my address.  I just thought I would let you know, that way you know I haven’t forgot; I am just waiting for my new address!!!  Sorry it has taken so long!  Oh yeah I ran in the rain yesterday on the track here at the CTM it was nice!!  Well I love you all.  I hope things are going well.  I am glad to hear that the play went well.  If you want to send me a disk that would be way cool I am sure I can find means of watching it.  I will delete some pics then thanks for letting me know.  That is so cool that Davy is going to the Navy for sure if he wants to give me his address I would love that.  The picture of Christ I was talking about I found out is just a close up from the one hanging in the Winter Quarters Temple, the one just opposite the mirror, but still it is a great one. I will probably find one in the distribution store in Recife if I ever get a chance to go!!  I am really glad to hear you received the package.  I figured the mothers pin and patch would be cool being that you always got one whenever I achieved something in scouting, only this is better.  Well, except that I leave next Tuesday I am not sure anything else exciting has happened for me to tell you. I am not sure if I will even have an opportunity to e-mail you next week but if not I will write a letter for sure and send it out when I can!!  Love you all hope things continue to go well.

Love Elder Allred

(Note from Brent:  Jackie & I actually got a call from Brother Nelson.  He wanted us to know what a pleasure it was to meet Jason and to talk to him.  He was impressed with Jason and his dedication.  It was nice to hear that Jason is doing well from someone other than Jason.)

Paper letter from 03/21/08

April 14, 2008

March 21, 2008




It’s Sexta-Feira (6 days of market) and I am done with class for the day.  Since I am sending you this, I figure I just as well pack it with letters also.  Today was great!  Slow start though, I forgot my meal card, so for Desejum and Alamoco, I had to sign my name.  As far as Jantar, I and my comp walked to the sixth floor to get it in or dorm.  He forgot our key, so it was back to the first floor, and then back up.  I think the warm weather is doing a trick on my brain.  I am becoming more of a pineapple everyday.  I am so oblivious to everything, it takes me yours to remember anything trivia-wise, and don’t even get me started when it comes to understanding jokes (10 minute delayed reaction)!  Yep, my district chose to name each of us an animal.  The turtle was already taken, so I am Sloth!  Yeah!  I was going for something faster, but it isn’t the worst.  My Portuguese is better.  I think the program helped introduce me to the language, but is still puts a lot of stress on the brain.  Today, we had a study hall for pretty much 8 hours.  By hour 12, I wanted to beat my head on a wall.  I could barely focus my brain was so tired.  Welcome to the mission!  The MTC is definitely exhausting mentally.  It’s so mentally exhausting that my body will want to catch up in exhaustion.  Thank goodness I have gym.  It isn’t bad, it is really fun though.  I find time to joke around.  I find trying the Rubik’s Cube for 5 minutes in between studying keeps my mind going.  I am going to the Sao Paulo temple this Terca-Feira (Tuesday).  I am hopefully going to find cool picture of Jesus Christ.  There is one particular one I really like.  It is an older looking one.  He isn’t staring at you, but looks to his left hand side, and looking down.  It kind of reminds me of him looking down at us and this world he created.  Hopefully they will have it!  Our ward loves us.  I received some really thoughtful letters from the Whitlock’s and the Homers so far.  I will be sure to write another letter to the ward, probably when I get out in the field.  Not too much happens here in the CTM.  Easter is next week!  Also General Conference is coming up.  So I am stoked for that.  I had a really awesome treat today.  German chocolate cake!  Not anything like moms, but I haven’t had cake forever.  Seriously, it was awesome.  Well, I will send this on Terca-Feira and hopefully the pic CD will get to you safely.  If I see something cool, I will send it also.  Love you guys!


Elder Allred

03/18/2008 Paper Letter

April 14, 2008

March 18, 2008

Well, I have had a really fun P-Day so far.  We went to Rodissio’s, an all you can eat meat place.  It was like 15 Reis, which is like 7 U.S. dollars.  It wasn’t bad, actually it tasted really great.  The meat sometimes came out a little on the rare side, but it was great.  I had some quail eggs and some Brazee made potato salad.  They drink their sodas in glass bottles.  It was a good time.  I even tried some grilled chicken hearts.  Well, it tastes like chicken alright!  I get my allowance next week, or the week after.  I hope to get photo printed off and on a CD by that time so I can send this to you with them.  I will also try to get some more sent to you by email.  Unfortunately, the software here is sometimes old, so sending a hundred like we can in America is often times hard to do.  But, a CD I think can hold sufficient enough.  Anyways, if it gets to you in safe order, I will be glad.  I was a little upset when I could only send you three pictures.

 We met up with our night teacher, Hermano Lewes at the place.  He is a Returned Missionary from California, almost 1 ½ years now.  He is really cool.  Anyway, we are going to mail some letters and then we have a fireside, so I will let you know about that.

 Yea, the fireside was really great.  I must say, he had tons of information.  I learned a lot about how much God really cares about us.  I am here because there are people here who only I can reach or get through to.  That makes me feel great, that through me, the spirit will be able to reach individuals because God has blessed me with something they need.  A mission definitely makes you think about what part you have in God’s plan.  Instead of thinking I am 1 out of millions of Latter-Day Saints, now I am thinking I am one of God’s children.  I am not just one person doing the same thing everyone else is doing in the church; I am one son of God who knows personally.  Heavenly Father knows exactly where he needs me because He knows exactly what someone else needs.  It’s good to know Heavenly Father has a work for me!  Mom & Dad, if you haven’t already planned to do so, please serve a mission.  It is the closest you can come to Heavenly Father.  Twenty eight days out here and I already feel Him close by.  Thanks for helping me choose this way, there is no where else I would rather be right now!  I hope this CD gets to you alright.  It is like 7 Reis.  So I will need to do it next week and use my debit card, if I don’t get my allowance again.  To ship it to you will be like 15 Reis, which is not bad at all.  Well, I guess I don’t have a ton else that happened today.

 I am sending all the grandparents a 2 Reis bill kind of to symbolize all the money they sent me for my birthday.  But it is a sweet looking bill.  I thought they might like a Brazilian dollar bill; who gets to have a Brazilian bill everyday?  If it isn’t a good idea, tell me, and I will just get them a card or something. 

 From what I understand, a P-day has tons of time for me to get all my chores done and have time to go out into the cidade (city), provided I also have a Brazilian companhero to show me around.  Plus, businesses in Brazil I hear love missionarios.  Anyway it is important to me only on P-Days so you don’t have to worry about me getting off track!  I love you all.  I am so glad I made this decision to go.  It has been an amazing month.  I have 23 more amazing ones to go.  Time flies by.  I hope this CD finds you well.  Love you.

 Elder Allred

 “Pray as if everything depends on God, then work as if everything depends on you.”

 Scriptures – Alma 56:47-48

Moroni 8:2-3

Matthew 28:19-20


April 14, 2008