Jason’s Email from 04/01/2008

 Hey everyone.
Well this week has been full of excitement. I sent some things to you hopefully it finds you well. Well, last week we went to the hot pocket shop. Man it was good stuff – a full sopapia like thing with great pizza sandwich type stuff in it. It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with the district and hang out there. Unfortunately there was a Brazilian soap opera in the background so we tried not to let our attention go near there. My running buddy left today so I guess I am going to work out all by my self for the rest of the time. He was a really great guy; I think he will make a great missionary. Wednesday and Thursday were the same old same old, class and getting ready for our lessons. My comp and I managed to finish our med. Lesson in Portuguese of lesson 2.  That was intense because there is so much information, it is hard to place what to say and what not to say. It is all important but what do you leave out? Anyways we managed to get it finished. Friday was my favorite so far. We went proselyting again and I had been fasting and praying for it to be a success. My comp and I went to the area of Na Lapa where we began using as much Portuguese as we both knew. I decided not to memorize or in any way study the subjects in Portuguese so that I could see if I could form sentences without having to memorize. I did well but not many were too willing to hear the message, except for a few young people about our age who would listen and they gladly accepted our cards. I was beginning to feel frustrated and unhappy because our first area was much more successful. About that time though, a couple of salesman from across the street whistled at us and motioned us to come over. I thought, well great now we are going to be lectured to about proselyting in front of businesses. Instead we arrived there and they shook our hands and asked us who we were and what we were doing here in Brazil. We told them we were missionaries and had a message for them. They invited us in to their furniture store and we taught both of them. The one Elder Sudweeks taught was a young guy probably 30 and he seemed very interested. I taught a slightly older guy who was about mid 40s and he was interested also. I gave him a copy of the book of Mormon and in my best Portuguese bore my testimony of Jesus Christ. He was really grateful for my testimony and after Sudweeks had finished teaching the other guy the salesman got us some water. It was really a good experience all in all. I thanked my Father in Heaven for that opportunity to reach those two men. After that we walked the sidewalk down the shop and found a guy taking his smoking break. It was a perfect opportunity to teach him about the gospel message. We were invited by a lady who worked in a pharmacy to come and teach her. She was also very grateful. The last person we taught was a lady who was advertising a dentist shop. She seemed very nice. But I couldn’t understand a thing she was saying. I just smiled and tried to get what I could. It sounded to me like she didn’t believe in religion and me and Elder Sudweeks tried to teach her what we could. Finally after what seemed an hour our instructor came over and translated for us. Apparently she kept trying to find directions to our church building here in São Paulo… And here we were trying to teach her. Anyways she was really nice. She asked us if we were ´´ George W. Bush’s sons“ and we were like no of course not. Anyways it was funny and I had a great time. We had a good experience and saw that Heavenly Father has prepared a way for people here to hear the gospel message. The people here are so friendly. The closest thing I can relate it to it like they are all brothers and sisters that help each other out. Even the people we taught gave us a great big smile and a big hug after we taught them. We just barely met them… in America that to me is unheard of.  It was really exciting though to have those experiences.

Saturday was really great.  It was a good time to sort of unwind and finish the week with class. We were late for class though because we had fasted for dinner that night because this Sunday was fast Sunday. We really got a wake up call to our responsibilities. I felt responsible because I was the district leader. It was really sad for the elders because all the sisters were there on time. Our teacher wasn’t mad he just gave us what we rightly deserved – a good talking to make us feel bad. I am glad he did it though it has given me a new focus and taught me the importance of getting my district up and ready to go. This is my first week though, it took me a while to get my responsibilities down as district leader. Anyways I needed that “rebuke” it really helped open my eyes to my calling. Well Sunday was as always my most favorite. I studied in my scriptures a whole bunch and also had a good fast and testimony meeting. I actually bore my testimony this time so I got over that fear of public speaking. haha. It was really good. My second leadership meeting went well all except that we will be 1 of 2 districts in our branch until next Wednesday. So I am pretty sure I will give a talk next Sunday. I am way excited for General Conference this Sunday. Our Saturday and Sunday we have no classes and it will be exciting to hear from President Monson. DAD be sure to eat some ice cream for me cause they don’t have any here. My fav is cookie dough or Reeses so just so you know. Lol..jk.jk. Yeah but I will miss the ice cream. Hey also for Christmas if you could add this to your list, I am craving your horse radish sauce. Every time I have steak I want a little A-1 or horsey sauce… yeah probably not a good idea to send it cause it will be nasty by the time it gets here. But just so you know I think about your horse radish sauce every time I eat steak. Tell sis Buchanan I received Garrets project. I will get as many pictures taken as I can. And try to e-mail them to you soon. I would take them outside of the CTM but I guess we can’t take pictures outside cause of theft. But we have tons of cool tress and Brazilian stuff in the CTM I will find the coolest places to take pics with Stan the man!!! Well I love you all thanks for the packet. I haven’t read it yet I got it today and haven’t had a chance but I am so excited to read them. I hope thing are going well for all of you. How is the play practice going?
Love you all. Tchau!!!

Elder Allred

(Another email he sent to me at work)

There once was a guy who read his scriptures each day. He would close his eyes and randomly select a scripture, read it, and then try and apply it to his life for the rest of the day. One day he accidentally selected the scripture that he found difficult to follow. ” ..and Judas went out and hanged himself”.  He thought that would be a bad one to follow.  SO he decided to choose another scripture for that day he carefully selected a page that had good scriptures in it and closed his eyes and selected his scripture for the day. It read´´ GO AND DO LIKE WISE“
I hope you like the April fools joke I gave to you. It isn’t as mean as my comp did to his parents. He sent them an “I am coming home cause I got in trouble” e-mail. Anyways love you guys.

Elder allred

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