04/08/2008 Letter

Well this week was really good. Obviously we were excited for general conference and hearing all the great speakers this year. It was quite a lot of fun for those two days. We had no class for both Saturday and Sunday so it was enjoyable. So I think I will start with last Tuesday. I bought a tie as usual it was an awesome tie black and red stripes. I am stocking up on them because I know I will need them in field. Also I went and walked and looked at all the sweet shops that were around. We didn’t really do much in the way of normal p-day activities but I took a nap while my comp wrote letters and have been working on my magic tricks that my comps teach me. Wednesday was really fun I had to study for my Portuguese and lesson 3 milestone. I also had a great time reading my Portuguese O Livro de Mormon. It was a joy to do. Meg if you want to speak Spanish better I would suggest reading the bible or book of Mormon in Spanish. It works miracles no joke. Anyways on Thursday I committed to studying in depth the book of Mormon and applying it to lesson four and also memorizing as many verbs and vocabulary words having to do with shopping as possible. I figure I will need all the words I can get. Friday was hard work for our district when we decided to get ready for our milestones. Friday night was fun we had the Brazees who will come with us to Recife in 2 weeks eat with us. I guess I know more Portuguese than I thought. I at least understand them better. They are so crazy though they have the high spirits and optimism I was hoping for. I chose my soccer team to follow today. I guess that is a prevalent question asked in Brazil to missionaries. I choose the Palmaiers. They are a São Paulo team and the only reason that I like them so far s that they are green and really good at playing. My companion isn’t sure yet but my district thinks they like the Corintians. All the Brazee missionaries who are going to Recife with us, like the Corintians. Anyways I guess Recife likes the Palmeiras more so I choose wisely I guess. They are way funny though the Brazees. They were signing some kind of Brazilian soccer song and pounding on a small upside down trash can for a drum. They weren’t that bad actually. It sounded really good. I couldn’t stop laughing though they have a lot of team spirit around here. Unfortunately they got in trouble the Presidente cam by and talked to them. I guess they were going too loud and his window is right beneath theirs. He was walking the halls and it was sort of like a movie flick. All of the sudden you see the Presidente walk by their room. He stops, mid stride, turns and looks in the room and then he started to talk them. I love our Presidente though he doesn’t get upset but kindly reminds you always in Portuguese to do something. He and his wife are from California they are so great!! Saturday we had a video recording done of us teaching ounce again. It went well except I forgot the topic I was speaking about. But I think it went well other than that. After that we went to conference and it was a good time. I decided I would take notes this time and would try to listen to all that was said. I surprised myself with 8-9 pages of notes front to back throughout all conference. My favorites included of course President Monson, President Uchtdorf, and President Eyring. I really like Elder Holland’s talk and also Elder Scott’s. I could go on and on but I think I will just keep the notes and you can see them after my mission. Priesthood session was amazing I really enjoyed that. Pres. Monson has such a funny personality and I love hearing him talk. No ice cream after the session though, but I will live. We watched it during the Sunday morning. It would be way too late if we had watched it on Saturday. It was a great session though. Sunday was the best. I loved the spoken word during Sunday afternoon. We had a district meeting after each end of the day and I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s notes. I learned a lot more from theirs than even my own. I loved the conference though it was really a lot of fun and I think I got a ton more out it this year than other years. Taking notes will definitely become a new habit of mine. I studied my Portuguese O Livro de Mormon during the spoken word and I definitely got more out it so it was something I will try to be at for now on!!! Anyways, Sunday night was the best thing that happened so far here at the CTM. I guess there is this pass along thing from chosen missionary to chosen missionary it has been going for two years. It is really cool. So in two weeks we have to find some other missionaries to pass the responsibility down to. We have to add 2 new issues of the ensign and Liahona to the bag we called the brass plates. It has accumulated over the past two years. It is rally cool. I think we have to put our pic in there also. Plus that and me and Sudweeks were passed the Recife temple pic for all the Recife missionaries to sign the back. Unfortunately no new Recife missionaries have arrived yet to pass it down to. Yesterday we said goodbye to some really great missionary friends of ours. Brazee and American alike and they left this morning. Well I hope you all have a great day. I love you. I am glad things have been going so well over there. Meg and Ty good luck at the play this Friday. I know you will do great. Give Rebby my luck as well. Don’t be nervous it is all fun!! Also I have one request for you if you could save me a copy of the general conference issue of the ensign I would be so grateful it would be neat to put in my journal someday when I can add my notes to it!! Love you all…

Elder Allred


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