Paper letter from 03/21/08

March 21, 2008




It’s Sexta-Feira (6 days of market) and I am done with class for the day.  Since I am sending you this, I figure I just as well pack it with letters also.  Today was great!  Slow start though, I forgot my meal card, so for Desejum and Alamoco, I had to sign my name.  As far as Jantar, I and my comp walked to the sixth floor to get it in or dorm.  He forgot our key, so it was back to the first floor, and then back up.  I think the warm weather is doing a trick on my brain.  I am becoming more of a pineapple everyday.  I am so oblivious to everything, it takes me yours to remember anything trivia-wise, and don’t even get me started when it comes to understanding jokes (10 minute delayed reaction)!  Yep, my district chose to name each of us an animal.  The turtle was already taken, so I am Sloth!  Yeah!  I was going for something faster, but it isn’t the worst.  My Portuguese is better.  I think the program helped introduce me to the language, but is still puts a lot of stress on the brain.  Today, we had a study hall for pretty much 8 hours.  By hour 12, I wanted to beat my head on a wall.  I could barely focus my brain was so tired.  Welcome to the mission!  The MTC is definitely exhausting mentally.  It’s so mentally exhausting that my body will want to catch up in exhaustion.  Thank goodness I have gym.  It isn’t bad, it is really fun though.  I find time to joke around.  I find trying the Rubik’s Cube for 5 minutes in between studying keeps my mind going.  I am going to the Sao Paulo temple this Terca-Feira (Tuesday).  I am hopefully going to find cool picture of Jesus Christ.  There is one particular one I really like.  It is an older looking one.  He isn’t staring at you, but looks to his left hand side, and looking down.  It kind of reminds me of him looking down at us and this world he created.  Hopefully they will have it!  Our ward loves us.  I received some really thoughtful letters from the Whitlock’s and the Homers so far.  I will be sure to write another letter to the ward, probably when I get out in the field.  Not too much happens here in the CTM.  Easter is next week!  Also General Conference is coming up.  So I am stoked for that.  I had a really awesome treat today.  German chocolate cake!  Not anything like moms, but I haven’t had cake forever.  Seriously, it was awesome.  Well, I will send this on Terca-Feira and hopefully the pic CD will get to you safely.  If I see something cool, I will send it also.  Love you guys!


Elder Allred

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