Email Letter from 04/15/2008

Well this week was really great.  It was really long too because we were all really excited for this week, our last week.  I am sort of nervous because it is for real now and I am not sure how my lingua is going to be.  Probably the same as it is for every American, I hope!!  I think the greatest thing is that I am finally going to be out there being a missionary.  I expect though that I should be in the swing of things here in a good 1-2 months. (Actually I better be or I am in a lot of trouble….lol…)

Tuesday was the same thing we do all the time.  We tried the hot pocket place once again and that wasn’t half bad I had some weird thing with tons of meat and cheese in it. YUMM!  We wrote letters and things which was really great.  Just so you know if you see a purchase on my card history for like $16, I was helping out one of the elders with a mail problem he was having. (You can delete that part if you want to.  Lol not too important.) Well, anyway, the Tuesday night devotional was amazing as always and we had a great time getting to know each other as a district. Wednesday- Friday were classes and more classes.  We really tried to speak Portuguese in every class and did awesome.  I have a problem with conjugations still but Pres. Edwards said that would all come with experience.  Friday we went proselyting (Prosilitismo) and that was really fun.   Palista Avenue was where we went.  Our first guy was American he was from New York and I guess met his wife here on vacation and has lived here ever since.  He has heard some about our church and we gave him a card.  I always feel inadequate when I start speaking Portuguese and they say “would you rather speak English?”….. oh well. Lol… The people after him were all really nice and we had much success placing cards.  I had a harder time speaking at a rapid pace which caused many of the people I was talking too to leave or tell me they didn’t have time.  It was sort of discouraging.  I said a quick prayer to help me not be so discouraged and amazingly enough we met a guy just smiling at us.  We went up to talk to him and he was American.  He was a member of the church from Texas and was here on business.  He told us to follow him, that he had two business partners who we needed to talk to.  We arrived at his hotel and in the lobby he had a partner from Kansas and one from São Paulo.  We talked about our church and where we were from for a little while.  Then my comp started to teach Mr. Ideker about the book of Mormon and our belief in that.  Brother Larry Nelson was the man’s name from Texas. He introduced me to the man from São Paulo.  I taught him in my best Portuguese (or in other words the little I know) and he accepted the Book of Mormon I gave him.  He was really surprised that it was free though, I think mostly because he has a large collection of religious artifacts and books at his home.  Anyway it was a great experience he took a pic of me and my comp and wants to send it to you guys.  That experience really motivated me to finish placing my pass along cards out; I had no troubles after that.

Saturday was class again and I still hadn’t written my talk for Sunday.  That day went by really fast and before I knew what happened I was trying to organize my thoughts 20 minutes before sacrament meeting.  I prepared a good overview of how the Book of Moron answers questions, but I wasn’t randomly selected to give a talk and lucked out on that one.  Probably this week though… I definitely learned my lesson!!!  We finished with sacrament meeting and I had District Leader training which was really insightful if I ever get called as DL again.  We had our district meeting and I utilized my training in calling others to share my responsibilities.  IT has worked well so far.  Sunday night devotional was really great!!  The speaker was very funny but gave us a good lesson on life decisions.  Yesterday was really fun we had the opportunity to learn more about conjugations!!!! YAY!!!!  Today the temple was a great experience.  I stayed longer after our session because this might be my last time for a while depending where I serve.  I learned tons more than before.  It was a really great experience.  I received all your letter packages so far and am thankful for them.  I really laughed about all the funny stuff that has been happening.  I have a bunch of letters that I will reply to soon.  I am just waiting until I get into my mission before I send anymore out that way I know for sure that they get my address.  I just thought I would let you know, that way you know I haven’t forgot; I am just waiting for my new address!!!  Sorry it has taken so long!  Oh yeah I ran in the rain yesterday on the track here at the CTM it was nice!!  Well I love you all.  I hope things are going well.  I am glad to hear that the play went well.  If you want to send me a disk that would be way cool I am sure I can find means of watching it.  I will delete some pics then thanks for letting me know.  That is so cool that Davy is going to the Navy for sure if he wants to give me his address I would love that.  The picture of Christ I was talking about I found out is just a close up from the one hanging in the Winter Quarters Temple, the one just opposite the mirror, but still it is a great one. I will probably find one in the distribution store in Recife if I ever get a chance to go!!  I am really glad to hear you received the package.  I figured the mothers pin and patch would be cool being that you always got one whenever I achieved something in scouting, only this is better.  Well, except that I leave next Tuesday I am not sure anything else exciting has happened for me to tell you. I am not sure if I will even have an opportunity to e-mail you next week but if not I will write a letter for sure and send it out when I can!!  Love you all hope things continue to go well.

Love Elder Allred

(Note from Brent:  Jackie & I actually got a call from Brother Nelson.  He wanted us to know what a pleasure it was to meet Jason and to talk to him.  He was impressed with Jason and his dedication.  It was nice to hear that Jason is doing well from someone other than Jason.)

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