First Week in Muribeca

Hey familia!!
Então eu querro que vocês saber sobre meu felizes.
(So I want all of you to know I am happy) I have had a really great week but I won’t lie, it has been a bit rough trying on my missionaries shoes and getting to work. I am still working hard trying to understand this language and will get it sometime. Who knows when? Well we have already had a baptism this last week, Irma De Silva. She has been taking the lessons for a while now so my companheiro taught her and I listened to what the conversations were all about. I can understand the conversations but am not yet able to speak.  She was baptized on Saturday and is doing well so far. She is a really nice lady and now we are teaching her daughter and grandkids. Well this area is really great; it is still small and so we have about 5 other areas that we travel by bus to. It is really humble and most of our travels are by bus. It gets pretty crazy on travel because we do it so often. The missionaries here before us worked a lot in the outside areas and we are trying to complete those appointments.  We will be trying to find investigators mostly around the area of Muribeca. Our other areas are Marcus Freeire and Intraday and some others I can’t yet pronounce. Anyways it was hard getting used to all the walking we do. I think I won’t be used to it for a good month but I am already ready to walk anywhere we go. The members here are really nice they all have a special personality. They have a great building here. It is really nice and probably the size of ours in Sioux Falls. The Brazilians like to design things very intricate so it is a lot like that. One thing I found out is that Brazilian homes don’t have carpet it is all tile so that is amazing!!  We found a lady yesterday and taught her about the restoration and also about the Book of Mormon. We also spent most of yesterday knocking on doors trying to find people to teach. Since we have all our contacts being baptized we have only 3 to teach and so we need more people. Anyway, she was very interested about everything and let us teach her. Also, we went out with Niño, a member a year younger than me, who wants to show us all the places around.  Sunday I gave a talk in church about missionary work. Talk about trial by fire. I sort of didn’t speak correctly and wrote everything down that I was going to say. But I received lots of compliments afterwards so I guess I did pretty well.  The Brazilians are so nice; they are always willing to help you out if you need help, so it has been really great to get to know the members. Oh something really funny. They sell live chickens here from trucks. They just drive by homes yelling chickens for sale and people buy them alive and take them into their homes. It is really different but also really cool. Also in the streets, animals are everywhere.  It is really different to see but I love it.  They don’t have to worry about people taking their animals or livestock like we do.  Everyone is so willing to help out. Well that was about it in my week we did a lot of walking and taught a few lessons and now we want to try and clean this area up a little bit from all the confusion we are both experiencing. Anyways I haven’t received the package yet because I haven’t been to the mission office. But I will go tomorrow and it will probably be there if it isn’t than I will tell you. Love you all.  Thanks again for the mail. I have to go I am short on time. Sorry I couldn’t write you at work dad like I do.  My mission mail sort of ate up my time but I will try next week. Also, I want to try and write e-mails to you mom, and also Megan and Tyler. Mail is sort of hard to get out of my area now because it is so cut off from the city. I am sorry about that!! Love you all I hope things are going well.

Elder Allred

P.S.  I don’t think I will need the suit because we don’t even need to wear suits for anything just when we are coming home. I am not sure if I need anything right now thanks a bunch for everything!! Love you!!!


P.S.S.  Sorry again. when I meant to say mission mail I didn’t mean the mail you sent to me but the mail the secretaries send out to us.  It is good to read those and it takes time for me now that I am still learning the language. but still write, I love getting e-mails and it is better because I can’t get letters from you until transfers or when my dl goes and gets them so I will try to hurry and read my mission mail faster in Portuguese so I am able to write more.. I love you all talk to you soon!!
Elder Allred

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