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05/28/2008 Letter

May 30, 2008

Oppa!! Tudo bem?!?!? So things are great here. First things first. Elder Bednar arrived last Friday. We cleaned the apartment spotless and it looked really good. I mean there wasn’t a spider web left. Unfortunately he didn’t come to visit.  I think plans with the travel got in the way or some miscommunication happened with the Elders.  I don’t know, but it was still the coolest thing to listen to him speak to us. Even greater is, he told us no to write anything he said down, but to write only what the spirit said to us. The spirit gave me tons to work on in my life and tons to work on in my work as a missionary. He also said not to be too hard on ourselves; if we were obedient and we worked hard and had faith and still things were not working out that it is not our fault.  It is the people’s decision to let the spirit teach. He let us also question him for an hour but it only seemed like a few minutes. Anyways we could ask about anything we wanted to as long as it was reasonable and had to do with the gospel. He as really great and had a great sense of humor.  I think it was by far the high light of my mission thus far.  I hope I can use what the spirit taught us through him to make more highlights.  Anyways I will have to write more about what he said in my next letter to you because I would be writing forever!!! So this week went well. We are trying so hard to get ready for transfers this next Wednesday.  I am not expecting a transfer but if that is what happens let the good times roll…. My language is increasingly getting better I think I am making some headway.  I just need to try it out when I have a Brazilian companion – that should be loads of fun!!! We tried inviting Edijani and Edicleneo again.  They are making progress everyday. They also help me a lot with the language as they both go to college now and are incredibly smart. Also we had to ride the bus again which was fun. I get a kick out of it every single time I ride.  When my comp asks me if I will get a black eye, I tell him I am going to earn it first!!! So lunch this week has been mostly with a member lady named Rosalia, she is really nice to provide it all the time. She is the relief society president and refuses to let us starve… she is so cool!! Also we have 3 new investigators hopefully things will go well during this transfer, I would hate to see them go. Sunday was interesting, we didn’t have lunch scheduled because of one of the members had work and good thing because my comp got sick to his stomach. We were riding the bus and he kind of vomited out the window. Nothing too serious though, he is back to his self now but it was a long few days for him. So I made Mac and cheese in the apartment with spaghetti noodles and parmesan cheese it was sort of like the real thing but not near as good. He slept until he could feel better and then we left. I guess it was the mangos we ate the day before. I will think twice before I buy mango again!  So also Monday was really slow. We had a lot of appointments fall through and it was hard to catch people at home so we made a lot of new contacts that day. We also had to drop another person. Tuesday was really good though. We made up for Monday by teaching all of our scheduled appointments. And also I invented a cool chocolate crepe thing because of lack of ingredients. So that was a lot of fun!!! It was pretty good. Today was a lot of running around. We had to go to the office and then run back to get our cameras. And we went to Guadalape’s which over looks all of Recife, and Jão Bortão which are the two cities we serve in. Jão Bortão is the zone I am in right now. It was great I took lots of pics. It sort of is a mountain and really forested. So when I find a photo shop around I will try and get those on DVD to send to you soon. There aren’t too many around here.  So also today was really fun because we got to see the ocean from far away.  It is so huge I forgot how big it really looks. It makes you feel so small. Well that is my week so far tonight we are going to Muribecca Rua and then conjunto Muribecca to teach mais pessoas… and then we have a few more days till transfer. I love you all I glad to hear things are going so well. I sent you a huge letter. It should be there in a week or so. And I will be better about writing you more letters!!! I love you all. Talk to you soon!!
Elder Allred


05/21/2008 Letter

May 22, 2008

Hey Familia!!

So how are things going?  From what it sounds like things are going good with a sort of bad side to it also. I hope things get better for all of you. Wow it is crazy already graduation and everything!! Summer is already here!! Man alive. Well this last week has been eventful. We were going to baptize a young man but it feel through at last minute because he got cold feet. That is the discouraging part of the mission. We have another baptism for this weekend though and so I hope things will take off after that. Our lessons are going well I think my trainador is very much in tune with the work. He is teaching me a lot of how to work effectively, that way I am not losing my hard work to bad results. Also, my language is coming along much much better I can use it more freely now that I am teaching more. Now I just need to work on my study and I should be moving right along. The work is doing really well in this area since my companion and I have been here. I give most of the credit to my trainer because I have no idea what kind of paper work is involved yet. It is so organized on the mission, there are so many steps to take and it all makes sense. I love it. So I am sending you a letter soon. It is hard to do much of anything here because of the fact that all the correios are in the city. But, I have been working on it for the past 2 p-days or trying to, so I hope I can get it to you mais rapido!!! Então things are going really well. Elder Bednar is coming this weekend to the mission he will be making surprise visits to the apartments so we need to do some cleaning up in the apartment. I hope we can get it done soon. Also we are trying to get 40 lessons for this week’s goal. So we will be working extra hard this week to reach it. We have received a lot of references from members here. They are so ready to jump in on the work I love it!! My trainer says to enjoy it while I can, there aren’t many wards that are like this one. So things are going well. On Sunday we went to Muribecca Rua where we were finding people to go to church with us. All of our investigators (pesquisadores) came with us and also we did some contacts. One of the contacts we did wasn’t too happy to see us. He said, “Oh now you guys say hi to me”. It was kind of funny because we had said hi to him for the first time in our lives.  We were able to provide some service to a lot of people. We even had the opportunity to teach them lessons. One lady had to walk up this mountain-like trail to her house, but she had a problem with her leg; it was twisted a little. We helped her carry her groceries up. I don’t know how she does it, it was tough to do and I love trails!! The trails here are so crazy they have massive boulders in them it sort of like rock climbing mixed with hiking over in Muribecca Rua. Here the roads are paved with cobble stones. It is really neat to see how some of their older ways of living mix with their newer ways. Actually the buses are my favorite part. The drivers barrel down the road going probably 50 mph on these cobble stoned roads. It is fun to ride in them. I really have no idea how they do it but I think it is way fun! So soccer is huge here. They play every single Sunday. Last Sunday they had this massive party because the Team (SPORT) was playing. They really like partying over here. They have massive speakers about the size of semis that have a railing on top where the bands play. It is crazy and so we had an appointment and had to get their fast. So we walked right by one of these things and it about blew us away. It was insane!! But their soccer games are like our super bowl games only they have huge street parties everywhere. We try to avoid those as best we can, especially because of all the bars that are around.  But it is really a great opportunity to meet new people, so it has a good side and a bad side!!!! Well I love all of you, thanks for your letters.  I love you all and I will try and get my letters sent with in the next week. Pictures: also I need to find a developer soon, probably next transfer I will try. In about 2 weeks I should have them!! Well I love you guys. I hope things are going well!!!
Elder Allred

05/14/2008 Letter

May 15, 2008

Hey Family!!  I will be writing you all letters soon.  You will probably be getting them within the next few weeks or so. I sort of have to write a lot more next week because a lot more is supposed to happen.  Luckily, we aren’t going anywhere next week. Thank goodness. Mom I promise I will get more pictures soon as soon as I can find a good picture developing place.  I will try. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any around this area that I can rely on that won’t accidentally wipe out my memory card.  I guess that has happened before. But, I will try to get to one soon and then I will send you all the pics. It was really great to talk to all of you and thanks so much for the recipes. I probably sounded really choked up.  I promise next time it won’t get too emotional.  I will be used to missionary life!! So this week has been really good so far! We asked Edijani and Edicleno to be baptized once again and they both declined but we are still going to teach them. Also we have a good amount of pesquisadores ready to accept baptism.  We are still pushing hard though to teach them that they already want to be baptized they just don’t know it yet. Here is a scripture section I read on missionary work or that can be about missionary work.  It is section 6 of the Doctrine & Covenants.  I really like it a lot. So, also we are really trying to get a lot of people to church but it is sort of difficult at times because the area is so spread out, but that is where we let their faith take them to where they want to go. I find it so interesting how people find out that faith is what carries them to do all they do. They just don’t recognize that it is faith. As far as the members here they are so great. Everyone is so willing to help with the work. I am just beginning to understand why this area needed to be my training grounds. I am learning so much about how to work with members it isn’t even funny. It is such a growing experience. The bishop baptized at least 1000 on his mission so we really like to have his help in locating people. He always wants to help the effort.  For someone who is so busy all the time, he is so willing to help.  I can see how he baptized 1000 people at least. I think I am so blessed. This is one of the best areas according to my trainer. So it will be a good start to prepare me for the tough ones. I’ve always been someone who likes to start things off really sort of nice and good.  Well not so much easy but good, and then finish it off really tough. So maybe my areas will get tougher and tougher as I go and I will be well equipped for each area. It just goes to prove how much the Lord knows us. But we will see what happens I think the transfers are very unpredictable around here. So yeah, I am really enjoying the area here. It has rained so much though. I remember getting soaked so bad one time coming down through Muribeca Rua.  It was bad and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It kind of reminds me of Wyoming weather. I’ve tried tons of new things around here. I had a graviola fruit and pinha fruit; both are so crazy!! The fruits here are nothing like they are up in America they are so crazy, but way good. The food is way good too. But they have this thing called sharky!!! Which is basically mule and I think we had some the other day in our beans but I didn’t know until after the meal cause, well it was sort of tough eating!! But yeah anyways it is good though. Well thanks so much for the package and thanks you also for everything that you have sent me so far. I loved the shirt and the Frisbee. Oh well I thought of some things for the next one but whenever you can send them that is great I won’t need them for a while I just thought I would make it known now so that you have an idea next time you send me one!! Razor blades for the Gillette fusion I don’t need many just enough for a few months. Toothpaste -crest!! They don’t have good tooth paste here bummer!!! And maybe some more peanut butter!! Because I am addicted to it!! Thanks so much again for everything, I love you guys so much and look forward to the next call. I will get all your letters written soon and then sent out to you with in the next week to 2 weeks. The post office is really far from here I am really sorry. Thanks again I love you all!!!

 Elder Allred