05/21/2008 Letter

Hey Familia!!

So how are things going?  From what it sounds like things are going good with a sort of bad side to it also. I hope things get better for all of you. Wow it is crazy already graduation and everything!! Summer is already here!! Man alive. Well this last week has been eventful. We were going to baptize a young man but it feel through at last minute because he got cold feet. That is the discouraging part of the mission. We have another baptism for this weekend though and so I hope things will take off after that. Our lessons are going well I think my trainador is very much in tune with the work. He is teaching me a lot of how to work effectively, that way I am not losing my hard work to bad results. Also, my language is coming along much much better I can use it more freely now that I am teaching more. Now I just need to work on my study and I should be moving right along. The work is doing really well in this area since my companion and I have been here. I give most of the credit to my trainer because I have no idea what kind of paper work is involved yet. It is so organized on the mission, there are so many steps to take and it all makes sense. I love it. So I am sending you a letter soon. It is hard to do much of anything here because of the fact that all the correios are in the city. But, I have been working on it for the past 2 p-days or trying to, so I hope I can get it to you mais rapido!!! Então things are going really well. Elder Bednar is coming this weekend to the mission he will be making surprise visits to the apartments so we need to do some cleaning up in the apartment. I hope we can get it done soon. Also we are trying to get 40 lessons for this week’s goal. So we will be working extra hard this week to reach it. We have received a lot of references from members here. They are so ready to jump in on the work I love it!! My trainer says to enjoy it while I can, there aren’t many wards that are like this one. So things are going well. On Sunday we went to Muribecca Rua where we were finding people to go to church with us. All of our investigators (pesquisadores) came with us and also we did some contacts. One of the contacts we did wasn’t too happy to see us. He said, “Oh now you guys say hi to me”. It was kind of funny because we had said hi to him for the first time in our lives.  We were able to provide some service to a lot of people. We even had the opportunity to teach them lessons. One lady had to walk up this mountain-like trail to her house, but she had a problem with her leg; it was twisted a little. We helped her carry her groceries up. I don’t know how she does it, it was tough to do and I love trails!! The trails here are so crazy they have massive boulders in them it sort of like rock climbing mixed with hiking over in Muribecca Rua. Here the roads are paved with cobble stones. It is really neat to see how some of their older ways of living mix with their newer ways. Actually the buses are my favorite part. The drivers barrel down the road going probably 50 mph on these cobble stoned roads. It is fun to ride in them. I really have no idea how they do it but I think it is way fun! So soccer is huge here. They play every single Sunday. Last Sunday they had this massive party because the Team (SPORT) was playing. They really like partying over here. They have massive speakers about the size of semis that have a railing on top where the bands play. It is crazy and so we had an appointment and had to get their fast. So we walked right by one of these things and it about blew us away. It was insane!! But their soccer games are like our super bowl games only they have huge street parties everywhere. We try to avoid those as best we can, especially because of all the bars that are around.  But it is really a great opportunity to meet new people, so it has a good side and a bad side!!!! Well I love all of you, thanks for your letters.  I love you all and I will try and get my letters sent with in the next week. Pictures: also I need to find a developer soon, probably next transfer I will try. In about 2 weeks I should have them!! Well I love you guys. I hope things are going well!!!
Elder Allred

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