06/04/2008 Letter – Transferred to new area

Hey!! Well I’ve been transferred I am now in my second area and it is 2 hours interior. I am in Arco Verde agora (now)!! I have a new companion Elder Sampaio, so it will be a great time getting to know him and also the new area I am in. I a little nervous, Elder Riddle told me that the ones coming out of interior are more obedient because they follow the rules even though they are so far away from the president. I would like to live up to that reputation of a missionary. I am sorry if I didn’t read your e-mails I am low on time before p-day ends. So I will try and write as much as I can before 6 then. So it has been an interesting week. We baptized Manuel and then found a load of people to teach in Marcos Freire. All of them are really awesome people. Then it became Tuesday all of a sudden out of nowhere, and we knew that one of us was going to be transferred out of there. So we got back to the apartment after a great day of teaching and finding novo pesquisadores (new investigators) and the call came!! I have the video clip of the moment so I will get that sent to you. Anyways, I have been transferred and it is great so far. I really go to see a lot more of the mission. There are mountains here, a lot like that ones in the Wyoming-Montana area only a little more round on top! It was awesome to see some mountains. The area I am in now is desert area, the city is about the size of Sheridan and smaller than Casper if that puts it in perspective for you. So, I feel right at home with the mountains and the desert! I am going to love it and can’t wait to see why Heavenly Father has called me here to this area. Well I promise next week this will be a lot bigger and better because I got here about 40 min ago and don’t have a clue yet. It took about 3 hours to drive here. Well I love you all.  I hope this week has been great for you.  I just wanted to see if I could drop a quick one by. Have a great week. I am always praying for you.
Love Elder Allred

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