06/11/2008 Letter


Hey so funny story but not to funny I was about to send you this letter that I wrote and then the computer shut down because Brazilian computers systems aren’t as good so it erased it all. So now I am rewriting part of it.

I like Arcoverde a lot I think it is really great!! There are lots of mountains and such and I really enjoy the area. The people here are supper nice and happy. It is about the size of Sheridan so getting all the contacts I need compared to my last area is difficult but doable. My new companion is Brazilian and he really has taught me a lot about Portuguese. There really isn’t a substitute for just talking to a native speaker. He is a cool guy and very obedient. I think I will learn a lot from him as I strive to be a better missionary. So we are doing well with investigators we are trying to get a woman to come to church but she always gets these things that come up. Also she is really trying hard to stop drinking coffee. I think she is pretty strong to stop something that she has been doing for her whole life. I have a lot of respect for her. Also we have had a lot of references from street contacts. I think we shouldn’t have a problem getting our goal for 6 by the end of this transfer it just is sad that we have 4 weeks left. This transfer is cut short for some reason. So thanks for all the prayers and fasting for my language I am progressing so much.
SO mom you were right the buildings here are so crazy they have their own way of expressing themselves. Each house is so different and it has a crazy color to it. I love it. The only way you can tell that a new house has begun on some streets is by the color because they build their houses in some places right off of the next one. It is cool!! BEM SHEEKY!! Very Fancy. Well that is Arcoverde it is really small compared to my last area. I think I will be here longer than one transfer I have a pretty good feeling I will be. It is nice though. The work is going well and I am learning a ton. I am trying to get a cd made to send with the letters I am writing you. Hopefully I can get it done in the next week to 2 weeks so you will have it soon. I love you all!! DAD Happy Fathers DAY!!! I hope it was really good. I sent you a card in the mail but it isn’t really until august because they celebrate it in august! Well I love you I better get this sent my comp is giving me the times up!!

Love Elder Allred

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