Jason’s Latest Paper from 05/14/2008 & 05/21/2008

Maio 14, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad,


Well, I am doing really well, rest assured.  I find it is very difficult at times to be the Jr. Companion.  I am used to coming up with my own plans and now, find my time is planned for me.  It sometimes gets to me, especially when it interferes with writing to you.  Thanks so much for the recipes and for all the things you have given to me.  I find it really hard at times to think about all the times I didn’t take advantage of home.  It is way funny what sort of things I miss.  Things are going well though.  I find it easier each day to work hard and I am growing in confidence.  It is funny, I think the first thing I will do when I am home (except for the huge hugs I will give you) is hit the clean and wonderful bathroom!  (He He)  Me and my companion joke about how great it would be to actually have an American bathroom!  The ones here are sort of bad; actually, they are like the ones we use for camping.  I think it is funny because of the experience, but there are a lot of things an American bathroom has that just can’t compare to that of a Brazee bathroom.  It is kind of funny.  Anyway, I miss your guy’s cooking.  I can’t wait to eat some of your home coming once again!  Yeah, my companion and I both agree that we were both really not smart when it came to meal times.  I definitely regret the times I missed your guy’s food!  Darn!  Just thought you should know that. 


The mission is going well.  I am really doing well and I think we have a few more baptisms on the way.  I am really excited to see how they turn out.


Hey Mom and Dad!  So there is a funny thing about some of the Brazees here!  So I found out that I have to watch out for who we contact, teach, and baptize.  So there are like 3 girls here, (all baptized by American missionaries).  They all have huge crushes on them and are all pretty much inactive since the missionaries left.  The problem is they get obsessed with the Elder and not enough with the Gospel.  So I definitely look out when I do contacts.  Normally we try to stay away from them.  It is extremely sad to see how they act though, and what is even worse, they aren’t the best examples to other converts.  It was interesting.


So I have about 3 weeks until transfers and then I will find out if I go or stay.  I really am nervous about getting a new senior companion.  He is pretty cool and teaches me tons of stuff.  So Brazil has this crazy idea of how to run a business.  It is so funny and kind of strange (different)!  If they run out of cups for serving, they don’t serve it to you and here; they actually get mad and yell at their customers.  I thought that was the craziest thing ever.  I can tell that whatever pet-peeve I had about disorder is gone now.  It is like everything is disorderly here.


Maio 21, 2008

So it is P-day once again and I am able to finally finish this letter.  I have had a lot of spiritual experiences.  It is sort of normal here for me, especially when I am teaching the first lesson.  The only thing is that so many people hear the message and run away from it.  It saddens the work a little.  One such experience was that we taught a girl named Luana the other day.  I taught her the First Vision and she understood everything I said.  To be honest, it was the worst language experience I have had, but she understood everything!  Another experience happened, only this time Elder Riddle and I felt it was the adversary.  We were teaching Edicleneo first and Elder Riddle asked if he was ready for baptism.  Just then, the street light went out and it interrupted Edicleneo.  He had to run in and turn the porch light on.  Not a few seconds after he left did the street light come back on.  I taught his sister while Elder Riddle kept teaching Edicleneo.  Edijane was still feeling a little Mulley about membership so I asked her “Are you ready for baptism?”  Again, the street light went out, interrupting the conversation.  Elder Riddle had no idea I had asked her the question.  So a little while after we left, we both talked about it.  It was a little strange for coincidence, but we decided that if it wasn’t coincidence, then we would baptize them anyway.  We still really don’t know if it was or not, but if they are elect enough, I am sure it was.  We felt we needed to go down a new street last night and met a man whose brother is a member.  So whether he will be someone for the future or not, we will see, but it was great to meet someone who already has an in!


The people here are extremely friendly, depending on what religion they are.  In respect to ours, one absolutely hates us.  They wouldn’t give two seconds of time to us even if we paid them.  Mostly because they have pastors who hate us even more!  So here is how Brazil is.  They have almost 12 different Assembleia de Deus Igreja’s on one street.  They are different because of the different rules of standards they choose to live by.  It is way funny though because sometimes, we will see the men who hate us on the streets and it ticks them off when we say Hi and smile, so I do it every chance I get.  I usually go up and begin talking to them and they get really upset and start telling me that I am wrong and stuff.  I just smile and testify and give them a card.  The more friendly I get, the more upset they get.  It doesn’t make sense.  Anyway, this lady came up and told me she didn’t have time for my religion, and that she was going to church.  So I said “O tambom Entao se voce tem tempo de Ouleir um mersagem sobri de Igreja verdad por favor Igar! (If you have time for the true church, please call).  Sometimes, the best way to end stupid conversations is to testify and move on.


The people here make livings on everything (one common thing is food – its sort of like booths from the Ren-Fest).  Also, people buy and sell pirated movies here like crazy.  It is like 40 Reis for the real thing, but 3 Reis for the Pirated.  I saw them selling Iron man on video already.


A lot of people here will work only for a few weeks until they have the month’s salary and then go back to whatever they do when they don’t work.  One thing to watch out for though is the ones that don’t ever work, but can afford everything.  They usually deal the stuff.  Luckily, we have rules and such that protect us from that.  The homes here are great but a lot of times, unfinished because they save up until they can buy more materials and work on their houses.  Some people have lived here for 5 or more years and still are building their homes.  It is the way it goes.  It is really cool though, how they mix the old life with the new.  There are cars all around here, and still a lot of people have horses and buggies, hauling stuff around.  I think is way cool, it sort of makes me want a horse someday. 


Muribecca Rua is a really poor part of the area.  It is really sad how they never had an education in life, so they suffer so much.  Sadly, it isn’t just the education, but they seldom follow the law of chastity.  That is one reason we have lost so many baptisms.  One wants to be married and baptized, the other doesn’t, which forces us to drop them.  Oh, also, most of them have huge dental problems in Rua.  I try to find opportunities to serve them more because they need it most.


They have these funny little cars that go around town.  I took a picture of one.  They are like golf carts, but more car-like.  The people here are really nice and open; it is just their opinion of religion.  We sort of by accident walked right through a congregation on our way to teach someone.  They started singing louder as we walked through.  It was sort of funny.  So pretty much, Brazil is cool, but way different.  I am way glad I have all the blessings I have in America and home.  There is so much I overlooked.  Well, I just want you to know I love you and also I will try to get this letter out this week.  If there is anything anyone wants to use from all my junk upstairs, feel free to use it!  Ai hope this summer goes well.  You are all in my prayers!  Love You!


Elder Allred

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