Letter to Sioux Falls Second Ward

Maio 21, 2008

Hey Ward!


How are thing?  I am doing well.  I’ve been out (in the field) now for 1 month and I am learning tons.  My language is going much better now that I am in the field.  So the field truly is white out here.  We have had 2 baptisms on our way to the 3 this weekend.  The people here are friendly and open, but it is also really different.  There are churches everywhere.  That is one thing I am trying to get used to, but everyone has a belief in Jesus Christ and that is a good start.  The members here are really nice.  In a lot or ways, they remind me of Sioux Falls 2nd ward.  We had an experience with an older woman.  She needed some help with her door, so we helped her out and in the process, we taught her a lesson.  She is interested enough to investigate and come to church this Sunday.  Hopefully she will feel the spirit.  People love the missionaries though.  Even those who don’t want to be taught always say hi to us in the street.  Some of them try to be funny and speak English!  Also, some think it’s funny to call us “Alemao, Alemao”, which is “German, German.”  So it is way funny to be American here.  A few of our baptisms have fallen through due to personal problems, but as discouraging as that can be, my trainer always stays positive, which definitely keeps me positive.  The work is going well, though it just took me a few weeks to figure out where I was going.  It’s funny how much a mission makes me work on my imperfections.  Christ-like attributes seem to take more effect on the success than do my weaknesses.  The first week I was out, I could recognize some things I could work on, and over time, I am learning to trade those for Christ-like attributes which always strengthen me and the work.  Ether 12:27 is my favorite scripture about that!  Well, I hope that all of you are doing well.  Thank you for all of your support.


Elder Allred

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