Letter from 06/18/2008

Hey Familia!!!

How are things go for all of you!! Things are going well we have taught lots of lessons and would you believe I did 70 contacts this week wich is the norm but still I finally realized how much I do in a week when I did the math!!  Well we taught a new familie on Saturday got some of them to go to church on Sunday and then they all accepted baptism on Monday so now we are getting them prepared for july 5th iam way excited for them. Also we met two new families yesterday one form a referall and the other from a contact that we did.. IT was really great to teach them I learned to listen to all that my companion has to say that way I will learn a lot more about what I need to do!! Today I think we might look around town and things!! Elder Sampaio had his HUMPDAY last Thursday and we celebrated that!! It was a lot of fun we had pizza and also enjoyed speaking to the members who live below us. He made the pizza also I think he worked in a pizzeria and everything when he lived in São Paulo. It was a little different than American pizza but really GOOD!!! WE are teaching more and more people as the transfer starts to close out. 2 and a half more weeks and we will see if I get transferred or not!! I really like the area and am learning a lot so I hope at least I can stay for one more transfer. We have about 8-9 people marked for baptism now it is just trying to get them to church and everything!! If we can we want to baptize them all and I have faith that it will happen. We had to drop one other person last week because she wouldn’t go to church but that is the mission I suppose. They are having The Dia do Jão (sp) celebration in Brasil now. It is really cool to see all the fun stuff that they do. They have tons of decorations up in the streets and a huge dnace and concert area set up. It is sort of like Fruita Fall fest!! So things are going well here. I sent you a cd with tons of pictures and also a letter I think it should get there in a week cause I sent it last p-day. I hope you like it. I will be sending another letter soon in the mail. I love you all I hope things continue to go well for all of you. Have a great day!!! And a great week I will talk to you soon!!
Love Elder Allred

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