07/14/2008 Letter

Hey Familia!!

This week has been really great. I really liked the ability to have a normal p-day on transfer day it was nice. Anyways the p-days are on Monday now. The New president changed that so far. I will have to adjust but I think it will be better this way for everyone. We had to bump the date up for one of our baptisms we couldn’t get all the lessons he needed in time but it’s only until this Saturday and we still have a lot of work we need to complete before he will be ready. It was sort a good week to work but also a lot of planning. With the New President and a new transfer there is a lot of planning needed to be done every week. I finished the book Jesus the Christ finally!! It was a good book to read and opened my eyes to a lot of concepts in the Gospel I have heard but never expounded upon. Don’t worry though I won’t teach any of that to our investigators I think it would be way too much to handle. I am trying to learn how to perfect the 2nd lesson now. I sort of bombed the first 2 times trying to teach people the beginning of it. It has been really hard for me to adjust to teaching here. I want to say everything at ounce and have found I can only give it in small doses or they won’t understand I am talking about. My Portuguese is coming along well. I am learning a lot more now that I have figured out the main words in the language. I try to study adjectives and verbs now every day. It is crazy how far I’ve been able to come for just speaking 5 months. Dad wow that is some really great Portuguese have you been practicing? So Saturday was cool. My comp had a great idea to sing hymns with the family we are teaching. It was sort of more like me and him sang hymns because the other Brazilian churches here sing hymns played with guitar which aren’t usually traditional like ours, butt we managed to get by. They really liked that though and after wards we taught them more about families and invited them to church. The made popcorn (Popicano Americano) is what they call it. Knowing my love for popcorn you know I was all over that!! We are teaching a 12 year old named Alan. He is one of my favorites to teach; he actually makes it a conversation more than a teaching and makes it much easier for him to understand the gospel. Yesterday after church we taught only 3 lessons it was sort of a hassle trying to get all the investigators to church and also many of them spend time with their families which makes it difficult especially when their families decide to leave for the day. We had a drunk guy come up to us and talk to us for around 10 minutes. He wouldn’t let us go and tried following us. Finally I gave him a contact card and told him to go home and sleep. He gave me a hug after that and I was really prepared for that. Yeah that’s the crazies down here though, the drunks.

Today is going to be great I think we will have a lot success we still got to work with Diego a lot before baptism this weekend!!

Tyler Happy Birthday this Wednesday!!! Dad Mom Megan Tyler it is fine if I didn’t get any letters this week don’t worry I will read them next week!!! I love you all a lot and hope things are going well for you!! 

Love Elder Allred


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