07/28/2008 Letter

Nossa Familia foi muito bom este semanha!! Temos 2 batismos e foi muito cheque!!
E agora eu esto escreve este carta para vocês desfrutarem neste semanha!!
[I think it says “Our families have been very good this week! We have 2 baptisms and (it) was very cheque! And now I write this letter to you, enjoy this week!”]

It has been a great week I am really happy with our work. We baptized Alan and had a miracle baptism. Jean from Recife arrived for school. He had all his lessons already taught to him, he just needed baptism. I think the fasting we have been doing has really helped.  We lost one family and have gained 2 and although our goal was for 5 baptisms this last week.  Having 2 with one being a complete miracle was more than what I needed to understand the true blessings of fasting and prayer. I still am struggling a little bit with teaching certain parts of the lessons. But funny also I am able to teach my other parts with clarity and simplicity. I think when I desired to learn another language I never imagined I would know so much in just 5 months. If this keeps up, I hope by December I will be able to teach an entire lesson to my companion with clarity. Last p-day was pretty cool, I made soup using ramen noodles carrots and potatoes and some McCormick gravy mix some other missionary left behind. It was really good – I was surprised I pulled it off as well as it was. We had to drop a few more investigators but found new ones to teach. I learned an important lesson again about doing our part. The Lord only requires me as a missionary to be obedient and humble and work hard. If the people reject the message or choose not to take our discussions then we did our part and the Lord did his. I learned this again when we were getting people for church. Out of all our investigators we have only, 2 were home to come to church. I was really discouraged but then remembered that I had done all I could do. I was a lot happier after that. So this week we are going to try again!! We had a good time teaching this last week

So Brazilians are good at soccer. My comp doesn’t even play for a team and can do all these crazy tricks. I need to learn a few things from them. Its funny how there are 8-9 year old kids here who are better jugglers than a lot of the high school aged guys on the soccer teams back home. They are doing all sorts of stuff. Plus here when soccer games happen you know it. Everything sort of shuts down and the games are going on the TV. When they win you know it because there’s a lot of noise the night it happens. And the next day everyone is extremely happy. If they lose the next day seems sort of normal but hopefully you aren’t wearing a tie with the colors for the other team!! (Just Kidding) but if they saw a jersey it would be for real.  We had a sweet rain storm the other day. But when we got to our apartment, the water was flowing from the light circuits.  It was pretty funny because all the floors were wet and we had to squeegee the floors dry. Oh well the apartment is so huge compared to the last one we actually have 2 bathrooms!!

It has been warming up here the last few days. September I guess is their hottest month here in Arcoverde. So I will get to experience the heat only 8 degrees from the equator for the first time. That should be a lot of fun. Wish me luck. We have a lot of work to do this week to prepare another person for baptism. Only 3 weeks left until transfers. I think the next one is the 18th. I am excited to see what happens. I am pretty sure one or the other will be transferred. This Friday is going to be interviews so I am way excited for that to happen. Not much else has happened we are just enjoying the transfer. It has flown by way too fast.  I love you all.
Elder Allred

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