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08/25/2008 Letter

August 29, 2008

Oi meu familia amada!! [Hi my beloved family]

    Então ficar bem animado para deschar com vocês sobri eu semana passada!! So my last comp was transferred and I stayed here in awesome Arcoverde. My new comp is Elder N. Silva. He is a great guy, really calm and relaxed about life but a hard worker and I think we will have a lot of success. The last few days have been great, we have found lot of new people to teach and sorted out those that didn’t want the gospel. The new president has given us a lot of freedoms but with that comes responsibilities which aren’t too bad. I love to work hard and have fun doing it. I know all of your prayers contributed greatly to things now. Thank you…


Hey so I got the package thanks so much for the peanut butter and food!! But the best part was the letters and pictures. I really enjoyed hearing all about Nauvoo and the Renaissance festival. I love the letters you guys send me. MOM thanks for the book that was sahweet!!! As for the pics I am waiting until we go to Catimbu next p-day for more pics then I will make a cd and send it with letters the  p-day after. So I will send it not this next p-day but the one after.


Ryan is going to Cali!! Para Bems Ryan.. He will love his mission!! Thanks mom I would really like Hunter and Nick’s e-mail and addresses. I am proud of them both. I can’t wait too hear all the things they will do in the years to come. It makes a guy miss them all over again even when he’s been in Brazil for 6 months. 


So transfers were crazy. We got the call Tuesday and this time I helped with what I could then went to bed. We woke up 3:30 in the morning and headed to Recife. Got there and did the meeting and I left. So the meeting was way great. I saw elder Riddle again and Elder Sudweeks. I talked with them for a while and finally got my package. I guess they mixed it up with the other elder Allred three weeks ago after the strike ended. So yeah, but I got it and was pretty much the happiest Man alive. We arrived around 4 that night and I introduced Elder N. Silva to some the members and investigators. The next day was crazy because it was based on my knowledge of the city. I think I did well but the members were all really excited for Elder N. Silva and had no problem helping out. We did an activity that night with some of the new members! Saturday was awesome for the first time we actually did an activity with the ward. We received all of our investigators there and also had a few new people arrive. Yesterday we met with the bishop. After cleaning up the unorganized mess in the apartment, we located a ton of baptismal papers belonging to the ward and things that needed signing. It was frustrating but we got that tied up. We talked to the bishop and received lots of info about the area I never knew. I have learned some pretty important things with the work here. WORK WITH THE MEMBERS.. they make the work so much easier to do and complete. Missionary work is hard but it isn’t complicated. This week I’ve really learned how to make it run smooth and how to focus on our responsibilities as missionaries rather than doing everyone else’s responsibilities plus ours. The work is going well I feel that this transfer will run smooth. We have a family that is going to be baptized this Sunday. A woman and her 3 children and then the sister of Bruno, Kelry, will be baptized Saturday. I am learning how to have fun again on the mission though. But through trials we become better and I am grateful for the trials I’ve had so far on the mission. It’s no different than what a lot of missionaries go through but I know I have become a better person through it!! Thanks for all of your prayers. I am glad to hear you made it back alright and will be praying for all of you always!


Eu te ama!! [I love you]


Elder Allred


August 18 2008 Letter

August 21, 2008
Então como esta meu familia muito animado!!

This last week was really great. We worked really hard to finish out the transfer. We had a baptism of Leonardo on Tuesday and then Bruno on Saturday. It was a good week to end the transfer and now I get to wait until we receive the call tonight telling us where we are going. I am sorry I couldn’t write a few things last week. We went to Catimbau. It was probably the coolest experience I have had on a p-day.. Catimbau is small town outside of Bauik and holds a national park that was way exciting. I have tons of photos and movies from the park I will try and get sent to you all soon. So we arrived in Catimbau basically riding in the back of a caravan truck. And we had been talking to a man for nearly the entire trip about our church. He invited us to eat lunch at his home because he wanted to talk more about these things and our missions. It was a blessing to us because all we had planned for lunch that day was bread and guarana!! So we talked to him and his family and learned he is a rancher in Catimbau and has lots of land and has a huge honey farm that his son operates. After lunch we took some pics and shared a message with them. They were very grateful for the message and the invited to attend church that they gave us each a bottle of honey!! YES!! After that, Ceicero, the man’s name, took us on a tour of the national park. We didn’t have to pay because he knew the park ranger. It was a very good day. We received many blessings that day for something we really wanted to do. At the same time we shared something with a family that really will bless their lives. I just hope that he will make the trip to come to church – it is like an hour away. We climbed all the trails and rocks and things and I took lots of pictures. Ceircero sang for us and also my comp played his flute for everyone. I played the only hymn I know now on the harmonica “Come Come Ye Saints” it was a really great p-day!

This week we had a lot of blessings happen with preparing for the upcoming transfer. We received 1 family, marked another family for baptism, then received 5 more other people to teach. In all we received 22 new investigators this week . We will have a great work to do this next transfer which ever one stays (Or if both of us stay.) Also on Friday we were stopped by a Woman who is a member from Atlanta and was visiting family here in brazil. She spoke to us and asked for a blessing for that night. We met up with her later that night and talked to her for a little while and taught her sister who lives here in Arcoverede. She lived in Germany for a while for a job that São Paulo had there for her. She met an American who was serving there for the army and now lives in the U.S. She has three kids. All speak Portuguese and English and her oldest daughter speaks 5 languages because she studied school in Germany for a while and they are crazy studiers over there. We gave her a blessing. I did my best in English. I think I probably should have given it in Portuguese it would have been easier!! Then we left. It was a good experience to have but I kindda wish the subject of Golden Coral and Cici´s pizza didn’t get mentioned( it sort of made me homesick) lol… She was really nice and gave my comp her address in Atlanta to visit and study there if he chooses after the mission!
Saturday was really interesting we had tons of appointments and a baptism. We encountered a lady who was crying on the street. We taught her and invited her to come to church. Hopefully she will take the invite and come this week. I have been studying a lot lately in Alma and trying to understand the work better. Ammon has to be my favorite missionary so far and I try each day to be a missionary like he was. I think I experienced a little difficulty this week with some of my old weaknesses. It funny how much the mission makes a person change weaknesses so fast. I was reading this morning in a quote book the Young Single Adults gave to me by Brigham young I want to share that has made me think about my personal decisions in life.. “I do not like to hear men make excuses, although it is natural, and I put up with it. I wish they could see and understand that they have had advantages above many of their brethren that they have been greatly blessed , and should never complain, but should stand up HERE and exercise themselves according to the best of their ability, and do all the good possible for them to do.”

I love you all I hope the trip to Wyoming is a blast. Tell everyone I love them . I have finally received the letters they sent me and will be writing them soon. I got your letters too and will write you when I get my package I want to get all those things you sent me.. love you hope the road is good!!

Elder Allred

08/04/2008 Letter

August 6, 2008

Como esta meu familia bem cheuqe!!!

Me escruitura favorito e (My favorite scripture is) Philipines 3:14, but I have a ton now that I am studying the scriptures… it is pretty sweet!! Funny thing is I made sure to write some of the references down during my study for you guys I just felt like I should share them with you and sure enough there was a reason!! But my all time is the last one mentioned!

So things are well this week has been going very good. I think we have had a really good transfer this time around and I am looking forward to this transfer end when it all comes together and we can see how the work turned out! Anyways we baptized another person this last week, a young woman (moça) Claudiani who has lots of friends in the church. We are also teaching 2 families right now. We are going to baptize Leonardo who is the son and brother of tow really awesome members. I’ve become pretty close to the area I am serving in right now. The people here are really nice and they love missionaries. The members I mentioned are Irmá Maria and her daughter Fabia. Fabia was a convert of ours from the last transfer. She says she loves us because we are helping her family enjoy the same happiness she experiences. Although she hasn’t been to church for a while she felt it so strongly in her life. And she has started coming again. We ate lunch yesterday at her house and we taught her sister and nephew 2 lessons. We also gave her mother a blessing that was really special. I really want to help her family. They gave Elder Sampio and I their address and told me that if I come back after my mission I had to stop by but if I didn’t I had to write anyways. WE have enjoyed teaching them.

We had intrevistas na sexta-feira.. Friday.. it was a long drive to Guararunes and back but the time was worth it. The presidente talked to me for a few minutes about the work and that was all. I don’t think he needed too much time to talk to me. I never really have problems with the mission that I can’t fix with prayer. And when I do fix them I have intrevistas and don’t have any thing to complain about.. ( I just hope it stays like that!!!) I noticed a lot of the missionaries didn’t really stay long in interviews except a few.. So I am probably not alone! The thing he told me was to continue with all that I was doing. So after that we had divisions and I stayed in Gauranhuens for the night and worked with the district leader Elder Ribas!!! I was glad to get that learning experience with him. He helped me a lot with Portuguese. I was especially excited because I’ve been wanting to buy a 15 reis harmonica and people can only buy good ones in Gauruarunes and Cararu.. (notice I can’t spell the names of cities here in brazil yet!!) So I am learning how to play hymns on the harmonica.. Most missionaries here buy a small flute and play hymns but there is something about the harmonica I like.

Sunday was crazy. We got up at 6:00 and worked until 10:00 getting people to church. We probably walked about half of Arcoverede in that time and only got 3 people to church. It was quite the work out walking the hills!!! But we did our part and the lord did his, now it is focusing on getting the people to do theirs!! But that is missionary work.. I really love the mission now I just want to thank you for all the prayers I’ve received and everything they have helped so much!! I love you all I hope things are going well!! I didn’t receive my package yet but that is because the office hasn’t received any from the strike yet!! SO better luck for me next time!!! Love you all I hope things are going well!! I will be praying for you safety on the road!! Love Elder Allred