08/25/2008 Letter

Oi meu familia amada!! [Hi my beloved family]

    Então ficar bem animado para deschar com vocês sobri eu semana passada!! So my last comp was transferred and I stayed here in awesome Arcoverde. My new comp is Elder N. Silva. He is a great guy, really calm and relaxed about life but a hard worker and I think we will have a lot of success. The last few days have been great, we have found lot of new people to teach and sorted out those that didn’t want the gospel. The new president has given us a lot of freedoms but with that comes responsibilities which aren’t too bad. I love to work hard and have fun doing it. I know all of your prayers contributed greatly to things now. Thank you…


Hey so I got the package thanks so much for the peanut butter and food!! But the best part was the letters and pictures. I really enjoyed hearing all about Nauvoo and the Renaissance festival. I love the letters you guys send me. MOM thanks for the book that was sahweet!!! As for the pics I am waiting until we go to Catimbu next p-day for more pics then I will make a cd and send it with letters the  p-day after. So I will send it not this next p-day but the one after.


Ryan is going to Cali!! Para Bems Ryan.. He will love his mission!! Thanks mom I would really like Hunter and Nick’s e-mail and addresses. I am proud of them both. I can’t wait too hear all the things they will do in the years to come. It makes a guy miss them all over again even when he’s been in Brazil for 6 months. 


So transfers were crazy. We got the call Tuesday and this time I helped with what I could then went to bed. We woke up 3:30 in the morning and headed to Recife. Got there and did the meeting and I left. So the meeting was way great. I saw elder Riddle again and Elder Sudweeks. I talked with them for a while and finally got my package. I guess they mixed it up with the other elder Allred three weeks ago after the strike ended. So yeah, but I got it and was pretty much the happiest Man alive. We arrived around 4 that night and I introduced Elder N. Silva to some the members and investigators. The next day was crazy because it was based on my knowledge of the city. I think I did well but the members were all really excited for Elder N. Silva and had no problem helping out. We did an activity that night with some of the new members! Saturday was awesome for the first time we actually did an activity with the ward. We received all of our investigators there and also had a few new people arrive. Yesterday we met with the bishop. After cleaning up the unorganized mess in the apartment, we located a ton of baptismal papers belonging to the ward and things that needed signing. It was frustrating but we got that tied up. We talked to the bishop and received lots of info about the area I never knew. I have learned some pretty important things with the work here. WORK WITH THE MEMBERS.. they make the work so much easier to do and complete. Missionary work is hard but it isn’t complicated. This week I’ve really learned how to make it run smooth and how to focus on our responsibilities as missionaries rather than doing everyone else’s responsibilities plus ours. The work is going well I feel that this transfer will run smooth. We have a family that is going to be baptized this Sunday. A woman and her 3 children and then the sister of Bruno, Kelry, will be baptized Saturday. I am learning how to have fun again on the mission though. But through trials we become better and I am grateful for the trials I’ve had so far on the mission. It’s no different than what a lot of missionaries go through but I know I have become a better person through it!! Thanks for all of your prayers. I am glad to hear you made it back alright and will be praying for all of you always!


Eu te ama!! [I love you]


Elder Allred

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