I aye meu familia? Como estas coisas la no casa..
Eu estou bom de mais..
Foi um ótimo semanha por a trabahla do senhor!!


[How are you my family?  How are things at the house?  I’m good for more… it’s been a good week for the work of the Lord!!]

    So things this week have been really good. We had our conference in Cararu again and that was great.  We listened to two really great talks by an Area Authority here in Brazil about our purpose in Brazil, then we rode the really nice bus back, but I can’t even really remember the ride because I snoozed the whole way back (big surprise). At conference, I was surprised to hear that I looked a lot chubbier than before. Yep, so I’ve gained a lot and I looked at my pics from when I first arrived. It sort of made me laugh but everyone tells me not to worry too much because when I get back to Recife I will lose it all. I think its because it is so hot over there.. Anyways the work went well. We didn’t baptize anyone again this week but found a lot more investigators and people to teach for next week. We want to teach 3 families in a different area and try to open a branch out there. The family we are teaching didn’t come to church this Sunday so we had to bump their baptism until next Sunday. It made me a little discouraged but I remembered that we had done all that was required of us and the only thing Heavenly father requires of us after that is to be patient. My comp is really great, the members seem to be much happier in the ward now. He has a way of putting smiles on everyone’s faces. This is good and I think I will learn a lot about the work here. We agree on many points of the work and I think it will be a rewarding transfer. We just need to help our investigators keep their comprimisos. We also have had a lot of success in doing contacts. We had people approach us this last week to talk to us. The Lord really has opened up his blessings on this area.
I got to play some guitar in an activity for the ward on Saturday night. The family we live above is in charge of the activities for the youth and the youth always bring new investigators for us to meet and to teach. They asked me to play a song that I wrote for everyone during the activity, so I took the lyrics form I Am a Child of God and put it to the a mixture of the different guitar music I had wrote before the mission. It went really well, I think they seemed to enjoy hearing it. I added a second verse about missionaries that I thought was really good. It all took me a couple hours to prepare before the activity (a couple of sacrificed dinner hours) and it went well. But it was really easy to pick up again. It just proved to me that the Lord preserves our talents and abilities for such things. Normally I don’t have time to play guitar, let alone want to, but this opportunity came along to serve the members and the Lord allowed me to use my abilities again. Anyways it went well. I hope the same thing happens to my Portuguese after my mission is over.


I gave a talk on Sunday. Tiago returned form his mission in the ward here. I spoke about our positions on the mission and the calling to build and expand Zion. I will send you the talk in with my letters. But it is all in Portuguese.. hehehe… Anyways my comp told me that whether I was nervous or not it didn’t seem I was nervous at all and that the members seemed impressed with the lingua now. Maybe someday I won’t need to write my talk out. Its funny how there are always newer ways to improve. Now that I have my lingua pretty much down I will try to work on not needing notes as a crutch in study and talks. Today is p-day – we had a water fight in the part of the apartment we never use for anything, it’s ok because we needed to clean it anyways.. So that was fun and then we ate lunch at the member’s home under us and helped clean the dishes.. (Talk about an hour of homesickness!!!) Oh yeah me and my comp are going on a fruit diet because the same thing was told to him.

I don’t know as far the package goes. I know a member here asked me for chili powder because they like to make chili and they don’t sell it here..  So I guess some chili powder and maybe if you could burn some cds with church music (or even Scottish  music as long as it isn’t rock and it invites the spirit we can listen to it). The companions I get like American souvenirs so I share with them some of the fun stuff you guys give to me because it will help them to remember the mission also. I hope that is ok. But for the things you sent me like the faith stones and the quote block and sentimental stuff I keep for sure. Just like the pez containers and things I like to share because they will remember their missions more.


Well I love you all.  I am really grateful to you for the last package it was extremely special, especially the letters and pictures; those are my favorite part. I hope things are going well for you all I love you and hope things are going well. Meg Ty Boa Sorte com escola [Good luck with school]. Dad , Mom I will be praying for you and your travels.. I love you.
Love Elder Allred

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