09/15/2008 Letter

Oppa meu Familia

So, this last week was really great and had some things that weren’t so great. We lost our baptism which wasn’t so great but I learned a few things from the experience that are really good. I learn first that love is stronger than forceful action. We lost our baptism and she showed up on the night of the baptism to tell us that she no longer wanted it. We calmly sat with her and talked it out and tried to understand where she was at and why she feared baptism. She told us that her brother from Portugal called and said he didn’t want her to be baptized and so she wouldn’t. Was I sad? You bet I was. I get stressed and sad when I see someone make a decision not to accept the truth but I felt that she must have been very nervous to cancel it after everything. We simply explained that it was her choice, we were there to provide her with the teachings and if she wanted to learn more that she was always invited to church. 

    We met a new family while building a house on Thursday. We built a house for a service project with the Elder’s quorum. It was fun learning the way to build houses here.  The roofs are simple they are shingled using clay shingles and have a frame of base wood and you just lay the shingles down, first upward and then the rest go downward. It is really neat. Of course I just handed the shingles to them because I have no idea what I am doing. We met this family there, I guess they are really good friends of the people whose house we were building. We talked to them and taught them the first 2 lessons and left. They came to church this Sunday and all had a great experience. We taught some family of one of the elders here in the ward.  He lives way out in the dessert. It sort of was a long walk but we ended up having a good lesson and also helping the family out a lot with some problems they were having.

    We didn’t make it to the town Custodio to teach. The cities are having their festas [festivities] right now so we are trying to wait patiently to go out there but I am eager to go. Probably will have to wait until next transfer hopefully I can stick it out here for one more transfer rather that have to move.

Today for our p-day I will try to make cookies. I think it will have to be one of those trial or error like the time I tried to make brownies. But I will learn it sooner or later.

The members here are really getting excited about the work; we got a new ward leader and he has tons of new ideas that he has probably known for a long time. Now the lord has called him to use them. He is an energetic guy I think he will be a good mission leader. So if you are wondering about the temp here it is hotter than I’ve ever had in my life. And they tell me it is only going to get worse…man….it is kinda like being in a sauna all day and there isn’t anyway to escape it. But as hot as it is I am starting to like it I can’t imagine what it will be like when I come back to freezing cold snow.

    I only have a few more requests about the package. I would like 2 or 3 jars of peanut butter because I want to surprise a member family here with a jar; they have really helped me out a lot. Also if you could send my wake boarding shorts the jet pilot ones that would be great!! I can’t think of anything else that I haven’t already mentioned. Thanks a lot for the packages mom and dad. I am excited to see that DVD you are making me I can’t get over the book mom sent me last time!! Love you all. I will be praying for you all this week

Elder Allred

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