09/29/2008 Letter

Hey family..

Como esta meu família? Things were really good this week I did a lot of running around but it was a good end to a good transfer. We only baptized 4 this week and only 3 were confirmed but I’ve learned that in this work it is important to allow the investigators to make the decisions for themselves. One thing Elder Bednar told us during his conference with us was that we needed to stop worrying what they wanted they will choose what they want. We need to present the gospel message and allow the spirit to teach them. We do the talking not the teaching the spirit does the teaching through us and they choose what they want in the end.  I have learned that my job here is to baptize those who wish truly in their hearts to be baptized and if they truly don’t want it because they want to follow the savior then help them until they gain a testimony of the truth and if they don’t want it then we have done our part in the work and the spirit did its part.


We had an experience this week that was really great. The cousin of Fabia who we baptized 2 transfers ago choose to be baptized. When I first met her she had no desire to come to church or anything. After explaining a few things and inviting her to pray she accepted and the next day choose to take the rest of the discussions. She chooses because she wants it. We will be working with her this week and have made plans with her to baptize her this weekend. We have a family in the country and about 10 investigators in Custodio. It was discouraging this week because usually by the end of the month, if you’re me anyways, I run out of money and so does my comp. So we waited for about 1 ½ hours for a corona (free ride) to come and take us to the country so we could teach Danilie. It didn’t happen and we had to go to another appointment that fell through also. We have been trying to go to Custodio and that didn’t work out so well this week and our appointment to do a sacrament meeting there won’t happen until the end of October.


This week had a lot of set backs but I learned a few things about the work. If an appointment fell through we visited a member and helped them out or did bata portas (knocking on doors) it was a good experience for me because I learned that we can always be doing something and not just return to the apartment feeling down and out because things didn’t work out.

This week is transfer week. Tomorrow is the day of the call so I am not sure who will get transferred but chances are I will because I have 4 months here. = ) the members here are really getting me prepared for my next area. Especially this transfer I’ve learned a lot of new Portuguese and things.  I am glad to hear that all is well back home. I was glad to hear you had a great trip. I missed you all a lot this week. As far as the shorts are I will do what ever is easiest for you. I sent the pics out and everything I hope they make it there. Mom can you tell grandma Ingalls I am sorry if her card doesn’t get there In time I tried sending it out as soon as possible. I hope things continue to go well for all of you there. Lighting sounds pretty awesome right now I haven’t seen one for 7 months…lol. Well love you all. Have a great week I will be praying and thinking of you.
Love Elder Allred

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