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Pictures from Brazil

October 16, 2008

Elder Allred loves Peanut Butter!



10/13/2008 Letter

October 16, 2008

Oi familia!!
So this week was good but some things happened that were difficult, it happens. We went to Caruaru on Tuesday for zone conference. I enjoyed it a lot but the only problem was that we didn’t get back until way late and so we had to do contacts and couldn’t teach. We received two contacts; both are people who wanted to learn more about the gospel. Ainelli is a young lady who is the cousin of that member who visited us here from Atlanta in July. She called her up and told her to find us, so we are teaching her and her friend now. We have a reference from a few weeks go that seems to never be home but she always comes to church. We are hoping to begin teaching her this week. We were doing our weekly activities in the church this week and the other reference came up to me and told me that she wanted to be baptized. So we will begin this week teaching here.


Elder N. Silva called me this morning during study and gave me a reference here of a lady who lives here. It is going to be really nice to teach. I love teaching references these are the people who are truly prepared by the lord through the members. If all the members in the world gave references out each week I believe the work for the missionaries and the wards would grow and I would be much easier to retain these members. Often times here in Arcoverde I feel like half the town are members. I am always finding new members everyday who haven’t been to church for years all because they lost interest. It is hard to take in sometimes. I think a fear I’ve developed and sort of calmed down also is teaching people who will lose interest, but I know with references it helps the work go and makes things much better for us!!!

We have a new bishop here in Arcoverde I will get to work with him at least for a little while longer. I’ve practically spent 1/4 of my mission here. Crazy huh?

Today I got my first real taste of mountain climbing Brazil style. We climbed a mountain peak here that I’ve wanted to climb since day one. I just haven’t found a comp crazy enough like me. Anyways we made it up and back. It was really good to use that skill once again while I am here. It brought back a lot of good memories and I got some good pics for you all. So things are really good.


I’ve been worried for you all there this week it seems every member sort of informs e when disaster strikes there. I guess the banks fell or at least that is what I was told and that people were losing their homes and everything to the banks. How is that panning out?


Hey so we will be going to Custodio this week and hopefully the next week too. I think it will all go really great. We will begin marking baptisms for the first of November!!! That is a great way to end a transfer. I am sort of enjoying Arcoverde while I can this might be the last I have here, but I think it will be exciting to see new places. Well I love you all I am glad you go the package and I am looking forward to getting this next one. I am praying for you all and I love you.

Love Elder Allred

p.s. just so you know my Comp is ´´training´´ me to be a senior. I am not sure what that means for next transfer but I do know that I’ve been sort of acting as senior this transfer and I am learning a lot more about magnifying ones calling. It is sort of humbling huh? Love you!!

10/06/2008 Letter

October 13, 2008

Oi Familia Esta semanha foi muito bom. (Hi Family, This week was very good)
I didn’t get transferred to the other area like I thought. But I got a new comp. Elder Ferreira is my new comp. We got to teach in Custodio again and think we will try and open a branch out there with the efforts of the ward here. Our first sacrament meeting will be on the 26th of October. Tuesday was really difficult for us to get any work finished. We said goodbye to a lot of people and taught one lesson. It was a hard day. They always are at the end of the transfers. I was anticipating leaving but Elder N Silva got the call. He is in Recife now. I’m junior comp again but I kindda was given the senior rights this week as had to keep commitments and introduce the area. I am not sure when I will he will want it back again. With general conference we didn’t really have an opportunity to do much Saturday or Sunday. Our president was kind enough to allow all the missionaries to watch Saturday sessions of conference also, provided we tried to do some proselyting afterwards. It was a really good conference I didn’t understand all of it just bits and pieces but the spirit was really strong there and that is important also. I can always read the talks when the ensign comes out. I didn’t get any ice cream either this time around all the shops close way late at night so it was sort of difficult to do. But I can wait until after the mission to do that. I hope Taco Bell was good!!!

We had a water fight today with the members and I got soaked. Never go against someone with three children, a hose, and three buckets. We were no match for them. But it was good to finally cool off from the heat here. This transfer is going to be a good one I hope. I’m always nervous to get new comps. Transfers always seem to be the hardest when you love the people and the comps so much. I’m learning that it is important though to allow for change. Change will always happen regardless the things we do. So fighting it will only bring sadness. The first 2 days were tough ones. Trying to start over with all the work with a new comp and filling him in on all the stuff again. But I told myself to just let things happen and try to make things work out the best that they can. Well it is working. We are still trying to make my comp feel a little more at home he is a little shy I think of the members but the water fight really helped with that I think. We have received a lot of new references from the members. I think it is a blessing. I remember a time when members never gave references but I think it has a lot to do with the missionaries. I’ve learned that people love those who love more. I’ve learned a lot in this area of just loving people and having fun in the work.

We baptized Flaviana on Saturday between the first and second sessions. It was a good baptism overall but I was the one who had to direct it. My first time planning and getting things gong to do it was crazy. I forgot to fill the font the day before because the District Leader’s were over and then I was too excited about conference to remember the next day. So we had to fill it and when it was time to baptize it was only to my thighs. I had to baptize her on my knees… yeah….. So it was a rush also to get all the people together and we only had 30 minutes before the conference started. Once it was all over I was happy. She was confirmed that day also and is now preparing to move to another town. The great thing about the church is that she will have an opportunity to attend the church where she is at over there and feel the same spirit it provides. I love the mission.  I miss you all. The time is going by fast. That is probably good that means I am enjoying it a lot!! Love you all…
Elder Allred