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12/29/2008 Letter

December 29, 2008

Hey family how are things going? Tudo mais ou menos?

I really enjoyed talking with all of you this past Christmas. It was nice to hear how you are all doing and all the things that have happened over there. So to answer some questions I got the package you sent, the really big one, and then one from the Relief Society, Sis. Cooper sent it. Thank you!!! I loved everything. The pj’s rock and we loved the cookies so much we ate them in one sitting. The candy is slowly finding itself gone as starburst is addicting to me. I loved everything but most of all the letters!!! Oh yeah, we had a rock-em sock-em robot tournament already!!! Thanks for everything!! Yeah I got most of my stuff to the area I think I need to do some serious leaving behind though. I always feel guilty leaving stuff behind, I hope you don’t mind if I leave the containers you sent me behind when ever I get transferred again. Sharrese sent me photos and candy and a journal and pens, pb (it was pretty much awesome), and grandma allred sent me some candy!! I am grateful for everything I got and I got even greater joy sharing all the edible things with the comps!! So our gift to my comp was some shorts I got him I thought he might like them because he only had a pair of sweats to wear on p-day. Thanks for everything, I appreciate it a lot but mostly just because you were thinking of me!!

The Relief Society sent a lot of stuff like shaving cream and razors and stuff I needed. So my list for you has become relatively short. Thanks for everything I am incredibly spoiled but I am not letting it get to my head, I hope you don’t mind if I share it all!!! hehe

Well, I am in Olinda now. My area is called Rio Doce, or Sweet River. It isn’t too far from Recife so it will be nice to have everything with in reach again. The ward members are really nice here. I have been blessed these last two areas to be in a good area with a good missionary program. We don’t a have a Ward Mission Leader yet but we will get one soon. The members seem to have given us a lot of references. 22 was our reported number for this week. It will be a good week to contact all of them. I will enjoy this area a lot. The apartment is right by the church here – right across the street. So it is nice to have that.

My new comp is Elder Alburquerque. He has less time on the mission than I do only 7 months. Funny. We are now trying to get people to accept dates and now finding others. Well I love you all I hope things are going well and continue to go well. Thanks for the letters. I will have a good birthday of relaxation and hard work tonight. I love you. Thanks for the b-day cards also I will open them up soon!!! Love you Dad and Mom. Megan and Tyler.


Brazil Pictures

December 8, 2008


12/08/2008 Letter

December 8, 2008

Hey family,
Wow it feels like it has been an eternity since I’ve written to you. This last week was a really good week. We have marked 3 more people for baptism, we just need to get the other 2 to go to church. Also, we are really excited for Christmas. The members here are booking us left and right for Christmas. I’m not sure how we are working the phone call. I imagine at the church but that will be for this next week.

We live in Recife now more specifically Jenipapo and Macaxiera. If you look up the church in this region and look for the apartments appicucos, those are ours. I love it here. On Wednesday we were able to do interviews. I went in having been my 3rd interview with the president and he simply asked me to tell him what I learned from The Miracle of Forgiveness. I was able to point out my favorite chapter in the book – Chapter 8. I love this chapter because it talks about how we need to control our thoughts. It was as good conversation and I asked him if I had earned my privileges back which he said yes. I got really sick on Thursday and did a division. I was grateful for the trial because it made me realize the true love that comes from working and putting in everything. Don’t worry though, it was a cold but more of being exhausted physically. Lucky though because the ZL was exhausted because he had an asthma attack the day before. It was a good thing to have both of us as supports and also helping one another. Since then, I’ve just had a cough which has gotten better today. Friday and Saturday we talked to the baptisms and tried teaching some new investigators. Saturday was our big day to get people to church. We invited a nice man and his family to come to church. He was really excited to hear a message in his unfinished house. We accepted and he cried out in joy. He has been praying for a message from God to be shared in his home. He takes great pride in his home and his family. It was an emotional meeting for all of us. He wasn’t at church but we will see what happened. It always seems to happen to the best of the investigators that trials occur after they show faith.

I made chili for the elders, it was really good. It wasn’t as good as your chili but it was simple and they all really loved it. Today was really good. We got 2 games of Rook in and then played some soccer. I got some blisters on my foot so we relaxed and watched Narnia 2 in the church with some members. The president liberated it!! I bought it at the beginning of the transfer in Portuguese for like 2 reis. I thought it might be a good way to learn and maintain the language when I return. It was really awesome. I can’t wait to see it in English. Lol. Also, it was a little crazy but they liberated Indiana Jones 4, the mission did but I’ve decided to wait until I get home to see it with you all being that dad sort of started it with me.

We are really trying to teach a family right now. They too are going through trials. We just need to get them off the rocks and into some good soil before the sun scorches them (Parable of the sower).

I really miss all of you especially during this time but I know it is all for good and that time will be really good when I get back. I can’t wait to hear your voices on the phone. It is amazing how time flies by. I’m praying for you all and for the new job position that dad has. I really hope things are going well for all of you. The e-mails sound like you are all doing really well. I need to finish reading them all. Tyler I am really proud of you in all that you do. I think you will be a great Eagle and an excellent leader I can’t wait to see you again. Megan that is cool if you want to date a Jason. Gotta keep up tradition you know!!! : 0 But I am glad you are doing so well. I am proud of you and your decisions in life and all you are achieving in school and church. I know you will do very well in the world!! Mom and Dad I am always proud of you and your examples and your love!! I’m proud to be your son and serve this mission to help others. At times I feel down but I remember my family and things don’t seem so bad. I love you all I hope things continue to go well. I will talk to you all soon again.
Love you,
Elder Allred


December 6, 2008


Paper Letter from 11/17/2008

December 5, 2008

Hey Dad & Mom & Megan & Tyler,

So by the time you get this letter you will be wondering what happened to me. Probably I wouldn’t have read your letters or e-mails. I will explain all of that later, but first of all, I was transferred. I am now in Recife. My new companion is Caviquiolli. Our three areas are Jenipapo, Gruabarbi, and Macaxeria. The wards are so nice to me. They have been really welcoming. My companion and I were in the same group together in the CTM. His district didn’t arrive until the day after we did being he is Brazilian, but he has one more transfer than I do. I was really excited to get him as a companion. The new area I am in is a lot of hills. They have huge stone staircases to get everywhere. All the streets sort of wind around the hills. The houses are simple in some places and in others, really beautiful. They are extremely old. I am in the most historic part of Recife. We today have visited Olinda. We are in a beach restaurant eating burgers and such. Don’t worry, I am not on the beach, but I can see it from here and the ocean is spectacular! I’ve only been here for 5 days and we already have 4 people marked for baptism. The people here are so nice. I thank Heavenly Father that I can at least communicate well enough to get my point across. I received the package you sent to me. I really loved it. I loved the raccoon and slinkys, and Pez. The shirt and hat I wore to our soccer game today, it was a good conversation piece (shirt and hat from the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming). My new zone has three of the old guys from my last zone. It seems like I’ve just followed them around. I am pretty sure I will learn some good lessons here and lose some of the pounds I gained in Arcoverde. Wow, I love Recife – the city is huge and I love being so close to all my friends and other missionaries on the mission. The temple is within a walk from our house – ten minutes. After so long, I can’t wait to do a session there. But don’t worry about my new area or comp; my comp is really great. I knew him before and I know a good part of the people in my zone, and as always, have new friends to make and people to baptize.

I watched the DVD tonight and cried my eyes out! You gave me a whole new booster up to carry me on my mission. I love you and wish you all well. Love you all.

Elder Allred