Paper Letter from 11/17/2008

Hey Dad & Mom & Megan & Tyler,

So by the time you get this letter you will be wondering what happened to me. Probably I wouldn’t have read your letters or e-mails. I will explain all of that later, but first of all, I was transferred. I am now in Recife. My new companion is Caviquiolli. Our three areas are Jenipapo, Gruabarbi, and Macaxeria. The wards are so nice to me. They have been really welcoming. My companion and I were in the same group together in the CTM. His district didn’t arrive until the day after we did being he is Brazilian, but he has one more transfer than I do. I was really excited to get him as a companion. The new area I am in is a lot of hills. They have huge stone staircases to get everywhere. All the streets sort of wind around the hills. The houses are simple in some places and in others, really beautiful. They are extremely old. I am in the most historic part of Recife. We today have visited Olinda. We are in a beach restaurant eating burgers and such. Don’t worry, I am not on the beach, but I can see it from here and the ocean is spectacular! I’ve only been here for 5 days and we already have 4 people marked for baptism. The people here are so nice. I thank Heavenly Father that I can at least communicate well enough to get my point across. I received the package you sent to me. I really loved it. I loved the raccoon and slinkys, and Pez. The shirt and hat I wore to our soccer game today, it was a good conversation piece (shirt and hat from the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming). My new zone has three of the old guys from my last zone. It seems like I’ve just followed them around. I am pretty sure I will learn some good lessons here and lose some of the pounds I gained in Arcoverde. Wow, I love Recife – the city is huge and I love being so close to all my friends and other missionaries on the mission. The temple is within a walk from our house – ten minutes. After so long, I can’t wait to do a session there. But don’t worry about my new area or comp; my comp is really great. I knew him before and I know a good part of the people in my zone, and as always, have new friends to make and people to baptize.

I watched the DVD tonight and cried my eyes out! You gave me a whole new booster up to carry me on my mission. I love you and wish you all well. Love you all.

Elder Allred

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