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01/19/2009 Letter

January 19, 2009

Tudo bem minha familia?

Well this week I had a pretty humbling experience. We have been working a lot with the investigators here and trying to get them dates for baptism. We have marked a few and are currently preparing them. We baptized three of the family. Right now we will work with their parents and see if marriage is truly something they want. At least their daughters are all very prepared to stay in the church. This week though we will be working with a man named Alex who has received a testimony through his girlfriend and friends. If have really enjoyed getting to work with him and see the change in him. Our president came on Sunday to speak to us at church. He gave a great talk on changes we must make in our lives. I greatly appreciated his talk as well as his presence there with our investigators. He is a very humble man and I enjoy listening to his talks I just wish my interviews were more like the talks he gives, I would learn a ton more..

Now for the fun part of the week. I woke up on Tuesday with a sore body and continued that way until Saturday. On Thursday night I didn’t sleep hardly at all because my left arm and chest had a lot of pains. I prayed and asked for some strength to work and some help to know what to do. I remembered a thing I learned in scouts I saw once. I boiled some water and put it in a bottle and used it as a heating pad. That seemed to hold the pains until dinner. We called Sister Emerick that night and I was told to buy some Tylenol and icy hot to help the muscles. Well it was all good until Saturday morning I woke up it being most painful of all the times I called Sister Emerick again and we went to the emergency clinic here at the hospital. I said a prayer and took some more Tylenol. Everything was good and my arm was just inflamed. I was glad that was all. We left to go interview the family for baptism and I took a Tylenol again said a little prayer and I haven’t had problems since. I learned prayer definitely got me through the 2 days and it taught me that we should do everything possible to fix a problem first and if we can’t seem to do it ourselves, if we fall short a little we need to humble ourselves and call for help. I was less than excited to make a visit to the doctor in a different country but even though nothing was seriously wrong I still received some counsel to help if it happens again.

So now we are just working towards our goal. We have received a bunch of new investigators all on a miracle day when president came to speak. It was really awesome.

Elder Cook is coming to speak to us this week. I am way excited for that and we have interviews next week. I am glad to hear that Dad is doing well. I read Megan’s letter and freaked out a bit. I am always praying for the family I hope things will only get better.

Megan, Tyler good luck on the play and everything. Can’t believe that it has already been a year since that last one. Mom I hope things were ok with emergency trips and everything how are you feeling now? Tyler congrats on being the Senior Patrol Leader that is something I wished I could have achieved in scouts but never got there. You are defiantly putting your all in it and you will get a lot of blessings for it. I just hope I can be there for your eagle court of honor, but at this rate looks like you’re already on your way.

Well I got the seminary package!!! I was very glad to receive it thanks a lot for everything me and my other three comps are very thankful!!! But I will be sending a letter to the seminary class to thank them personally for everything it was very thoughtful.

Well, love you all I hope things are better this week and I will check again later for any e-mails I get. Love you all I hope you have a great holiday and a great week.
Love Elder Allred


01/13/2009 Letter

January 13, 2009

Hey family how are things going? We went to the temple today and it was a good trip. Woke up about 6:30 and left about 7 to get there just in time for the 9 session. It was a great session it was good to be there for the first time in almost 6 months. I will be sure to write my feelings and thoughts down tonight in my journal so you can read it after the mission.

Well things are going well. Our baptism fell through while I was on a division this last week. It was discouraging after so much work and hope but I’ve finally learned that it is a normal thing on the mission. We are now preparing a family to be baptized. We first need to help the parents get married and then baptize them all. There kids are all marked; we just need to help the parents. I am hoping that this will go through; we will find out tomorrow.

I went on a division to Janga this last Friday. It was a good time to help another area and other missionaries. Their area has really had it tough though, so our district will try to help them soon. I went with the only other American in our district. Elder Whititing. He is from Utah and really awesome. He rigged his whole home with a water filter he bought here so they have clean water. It was funny how clean it looked.

On Sunday I gave a talk on missionary work. As always I try to stress the importance of members doing their part. I’ve always done that because in a large way, the mission is members helping us to work. I am sure we could baptize and everything would work out if we just knocked on doors but one thing I like most about the work is all the members who give us a friend to teach. Even though they don’t accept the gospel at least they have a constant friend to look at for an example. Even more if they do accept the gospel they have a friend to help them learn more and feel more included. Sort of like learning a new language, it’s difficult alone but with someone there to help you can become fluent much faster. I gave them this scripture and tried to focus around it. (Alma 29:1 and 9)

So that was a great deal of the week. We have been working a lot with new investigators and still getting the members excited for the mission. I was really surprised to see how many new people we had this transfer and how many we are currently teaching.

Hey mom and dad thanks for the root beer. I really enjoy it I will probably make some for the district meeting tomorrow!! Also I received the package form Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tamina. Thanks for everything!!! And received the card from Uncle Mike and Aunt Carmen. Obrigado Tambem eu entendeu tudos!!!

I am glad to hear everything is going well at home. I guess I don’t have too much else that happened this week. I love you all I hope things continue to go well there. I am praying for you.

Love you
Elder Allred

01/05/2009 Letter

January 12, 2009

Bom dia meus queridos,
Today is p-day and I have the blessing of writing you all again. So this last week was really fun. We didn’t do a whole lot for my b-day but it was good to have it on a p-day to relax and things. It was really funny actually, the next day I was just sitting there and my comp asks me “hey so was your b-day yesterday” and I said yes. The whole house went crazy they gave me congrats and then it was over again. I laughed at that. We had New Year’s at the bishop’s home. The president allowed us to go. It was great, we were in the house of course before 12 but we each bought a bottle of guaraná and when the New Year hit we shook the bottles and did a hoorah for the New Year. It was a lot of fun.

I did a division on the first and we didn’t have anyone to teach because everyone was in their homes or in a different town so tried the website to get references. But, all the LAN houses were closed so I decided to grab the list the previous missionaries had made of contacts. We contacted nearly all of them and finally found a family that we are now teaching. This family had been taught by the sisters at one time and the mom of the family probably was dropped. But the dad and the children we have since talked to and they came to church this past week. It was a great experience. I was especially happy yesterday when he accepted to give up drinking, smoking, and coffee. We still have yet to meet the mother of the family who was already taught but that will come with time and patience.

We almost had a baptism this past week but she went to the beach on Sunday and sort of partied on Saturday so we are going to resolve that this week and baptize her this next Saturday. We had a Family Home evening on Saturday night. My comp made pizza and we played games and taught the family a lesson. Carlos is the father of the family and has become one of my good member friends in the ward. He has a very strong testimony and it was great to hear him teach his family. I really love this ward. The members here are extremely friendly and they all act as a family. I have gotten to be good friends with a member named Marcos and his family. He wants to start the scout program here (He being a boy scout himself). It is awesome to talk about all the cool stuff scouting does. I was thinking it would be great to give him a BSA bandana – one of my old ones. If you could send the red one with the blue in it I would like to give it to him. It doesn’t have to be now but whenever you send me another package. Even if I am not in the area I can still get it to him. As far as things go I don’t really need anything, the Christmas package you guy sent to me really set me up. I will probably need to wait a while before I need more. Thanks a lot for the pj’s – they rocked!!

I taught a lesson the other day. There are two words in Portuguese. Recargar and Recaigar. So I was making the analogy of recharging our spiritual batteries by going to church on Sunday. Recharging means Recargar in Portuguese. I said the other one Recaigar which means to use the bathroom. So I said to this investigator. So life gets tough and we need to “go to the bathroom” so we go to church. (Just keep up with the Portuguese Elder Allred)

Well that is about all for my week. It sounds like all of you are really having a good time. Thanks for the birthday cards they were really special. I wish I could carry them around with me each day. I hope things are going well. I love you all. Talk to you soon.
Elder Allred