01/05/2009 Letter

Bom dia meus queridos,
Today is p-day and I have the blessing of writing you all again. So this last week was really fun. We didn’t do a whole lot for my b-day but it was good to have it on a p-day to relax and things. It was really funny actually, the next day I was just sitting there and my comp asks me “hey so was your b-day yesterday” and I said yes. The whole house went crazy they gave me congrats and then it was over again. I laughed at that. We had New Year’s at the bishop’s home. The president allowed us to go. It was great, we were in the house of course before 12 but we each bought a bottle of guaraná and when the New Year hit we shook the bottles and did a hoorah for the New Year. It was a lot of fun.

I did a division on the first and we didn’t have anyone to teach because everyone was in their homes or in a different town so tried the website to get references. But, all the LAN houses were closed so I decided to grab the list the previous missionaries had made of contacts. We contacted nearly all of them and finally found a family that we are now teaching. This family had been taught by the sisters at one time and the mom of the family probably was dropped. But the dad and the children we have since talked to and they came to church this past week. It was a great experience. I was especially happy yesterday when he accepted to give up drinking, smoking, and coffee. We still have yet to meet the mother of the family who was already taught but that will come with time and patience.

We almost had a baptism this past week but she went to the beach on Sunday and sort of partied on Saturday so we are going to resolve that this week and baptize her this next Saturday. We had a Family Home evening on Saturday night. My comp made pizza and we played games and taught the family a lesson. Carlos is the father of the family and has become one of my good member friends in the ward. He has a very strong testimony and it was great to hear him teach his family. I really love this ward. The members here are extremely friendly and they all act as a family. I have gotten to be good friends with a member named Marcos and his family. He wants to start the scout program here (He being a boy scout himself). It is awesome to talk about all the cool stuff scouting does. I was thinking it would be great to give him a BSA bandana – one of my old ones. If you could send the red one with the blue in it I would like to give it to him. It doesn’t have to be now but whenever you send me another package. Even if I am not in the area I can still get it to him. As far as things go I don’t really need anything, the Christmas package you guy sent to me really set me up. I will probably need to wait a while before I need more. Thanks a lot for the pj’s – they rocked!!

I taught a lesson the other day. There are two words in Portuguese. Recargar and Recaigar. So I was making the analogy of recharging our spiritual batteries by going to church on Sunday. Recharging means Recargar in Portuguese. I said the other one Recaigar which means to use the bathroom. So I said to this investigator. So life gets tough and we need to “go to the bathroom” so we go to church. (Just keep up with the Portuguese Elder Allred)

Well that is about all for my week. It sounds like all of you are really having a good time. Thanks for the birthday cards they were really special. I wish I could carry them around with me each day. I hope things are going well. I love you all. Talk to you soon.
Elder Allred

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