01/13/2009 Letter

Hey family how are things going? We went to the temple today and it was a good trip. Woke up about 6:30 and left about 7 to get there just in time for the 9 session. It was a great session it was good to be there for the first time in almost 6 months. I will be sure to write my feelings and thoughts down tonight in my journal so you can read it after the mission.

Well things are going well. Our baptism fell through while I was on a division this last week. It was discouraging after so much work and hope but I’ve finally learned that it is a normal thing on the mission. We are now preparing a family to be baptized. We first need to help the parents get married and then baptize them all. There kids are all marked; we just need to help the parents. I am hoping that this will go through; we will find out tomorrow.

I went on a division to Janga this last Friday. It was a good time to help another area and other missionaries. Their area has really had it tough though, so our district will try to help them soon. I went with the only other American in our district. Elder Whititing. He is from Utah and really awesome. He rigged his whole home with a water filter he bought here so they have clean water. It was funny how clean it looked.

On Sunday I gave a talk on missionary work. As always I try to stress the importance of members doing their part. I’ve always done that because in a large way, the mission is members helping us to work. I am sure we could baptize and everything would work out if we just knocked on doors but one thing I like most about the work is all the members who give us a friend to teach. Even though they don’t accept the gospel at least they have a constant friend to look at for an example. Even more if they do accept the gospel they have a friend to help them learn more and feel more included. Sort of like learning a new language, it’s difficult alone but with someone there to help you can become fluent much faster. I gave them this scripture and tried to focus around it. (Alma 29:1 and 9)

So that was a great deal of the week. We have been working a lot with new investigators and still getting the members excited for the mission. I was really surprised to see how many new people we had this transfer and how many we are currently teaching.

Hey mom and dad thanks for the root beer. I really enjoy it I will probably make some for the district meeting tomorrow!! Also I received the package form Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tamina. Thanks for everything!!! And received the card from Uncle Mike and Aunt Carmen. Obrigado Tambem eu entendeu tudos!!!

I am glad to hear everything is going well at home. I guess I don’t have too much else that happened this week. I love you all I hope things continue to go well there. I am praying for you.

Love you
Elder Allred

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