01/19/2009 Letter

Tudo bem minha familia?

Well this week I had a pretty humbling experience. We have been working a lot with the investigators here and trying to get them dates for baptism. We have marked a few and are currently preparing them. We baptized three of the family. Right now we will work with their parents and see if marriage is truly something they want. At least their daughters are all very prepared to stay in the church. This week though we will be working with a man named Alex who has received a testimony through his girlfriend and friends. If have really enjoyed getting to work with him and see the change in him. Our president came on Sunday to speak to us at church. He gave a great talk on changes we must make in our lives. I greatly appreciated his talk as well as his presence there with our investigators. He is a very humble man and I enjoy listening to his talks I just wish my interviews were more like the talks he gives, I would learn a ton more..

Now for the fun part of the week. I woke up on Tuesday with a sore body and continued that way until Saturday. On Thursday night I didn’t sleep hardly at all because my left arm and chest had a lot of pains. I prayed and asked for some strength to work and some help to know what to do. I remembered a thing I learned in scouts I saw once. I boiled some water and put it in a bottle and used it as a heating pad. That seemed to hold the pains until dinner. We called Sister Emerick that night and I was told to buy some Tylenol and icy hot to help the muscles. Well it was all good until Saturday morning I woke up it being most painful of all the times I called Sister Emerick again and we went to the emergency clinic here at the hospital. I said a prayer and took some more Tylenol. Everything was good and my arm was just inflamed. I was glad that was all. We left to go interview the family for baptism and I took a Tylenol again said a little prayer and I haven’t had problems since. I learned prayer definitely got me through the 2 days and it taught me that we should do everything possible to fix a problem first and if we can’t seem to do it ourselves, if we fall short a little we need to humble ourselves and call for help. I was less than excited to make a visit to the doctor in a different country but even though nothing was seriously wrong I still received some counsel to help if it happens again.

So now we are just working towards our goal. We have received a bunch of new investigators all on a miracle day when president came to speak. It was really awesome.

Elder Cook is coming to speak to us this week. I am way excited for that and we have interviews next week. I am glad to hear that Dad is doing well. I read Megan’s letter and freaked out a bit. I am always praying for the family I hope things will only get better.

Megan, Tyler good luck on the play and everything. Can’t believe that it has already been a year since that last one. Mom I hope things were ok with emergency trips and everything how are you feeling now? Tyler congrats on being the Senior Patrol Leader that is something I wished I could have achieved in scouts but never got there. You are defiantly putting your all in it and you will get a lot of blessings for it. I just hope I can be there for your eagle court of honor, but at this rate looks like you’re already on your way.

Well I got the seminary package!!! I was very glad to receive it thanks a lot for everything me and my other three comps are very thankful!!! But I will be sending a letter to the seminary class to thank them personally for everything it was very thoughtful.

Well, love you all I hope things are better this week and I will check again later for any e-mails I get. Love you all I hope you have a great holiday and a great week.
Love Elder Allred

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