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02-16-2009 Letter

February 17, 2009

Tudo bem meu família amoroso no mundo. Brasil esta muito ótimo! Meu portugese está mais o menos mas que maravilhosa para servir meu pai celestial durante minha vida. Eu espero que vida esta muito bom La e que vocês vêem ter muita alegria.. Meu família eu tem falta de vocês. Mas eu posso servir esta ultimo ano sem problemas. Não esqueçam que eu amo vocês!!!

Okay my family that I love in the world. Brazil is very great! My Portuguese is more or less wonderful and to serve my Heavenly Father for my life. I hope life is good there and that you have joy. My family I miss you, but I can serve this last year without problems. Do not forget that I love you!

Just a little message I thought I would write in the best Portuguese I know. I think it isn’t all correct but I’ll get better!!! So how are things going for all of you? I am glad to hear that you all made it back from the trip alright. I’m living in a house of 4 right now. Elder Carter is my ZL and his comp Elder R Arujuo. My comp is Elder de Almeida and His parents are coming tomorrow. We will work practically half the day with his dad. I then will get up early on Wednesday and get my new comp from the secretaries Office. I hope I can get us to home without too many problems. Elder Carter is about as tall as dad is, do you think that will be a problem for the kilt? Anyways, the week was good. It was really slow though. It isn’t easy being shot gunned into an area. It’s about like having nothing to go on but faith. We have found a few people but the missionaries that were here before us really slacked it and they didn’t baptize. The members really need something to make them happy. It has been very stressful but thanks to the ZLs I am getting good advice. One of which is to take it easy and relax and do my best. I can’t think of anything that has been told to me more times in my life than this. I am probably going to learn it here in the time I am here. he he.. Well we tried doing a cool activity at the church for the members and no one showed up from our ward. After talking to the ward missionary leader I’ve learned we need to plan it and have more time to advertise it. The ward is struggling a lot with its inactives so we want to create an activity that will bring them in with the members and also the investigators also.

It really makes a big difference to be obedient and work hard for the areas. Because, if you aren’t working hard, the job is just that much more difficult to do for the next guy. I think if the president sees much more of this in the future and this area doesn’t baptize more he will shut it down. So I will try my best. We already have one and that is a start.
P-day was fun we played some soccer today. I have improved a lot. Just imagine playing with Brazilians – it like being in a soccer camp every Monday for free. I have learned a ton and hope to get better. So I am sorry about the b-day Money I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. By the way if I were to take it all out would that be a problem? Anyways it is all good there really isn’t much here to buy that is really Brazilian. I’ll keep my eyes opened though. I will write Grandma and Grandpa Ingalls and Grandma Allred today. I had planned to do it today. I just don’t know how long it will be to get there. How long does it usually take? Anyways life is good I am sorry the week wasn’t all that interesting. I Love you all I hope you are doing well. Know that I am praying for you and how proud I am of your achievements and your work for the Lord also. You have no idea how happy I am to see you all again in a year.

My favorite hero in the book of Mormon is a tough question to answer because really I want to be like all of them. If I had to choose one I would say Captain Moroni. Why? Because he never sat on the fence and always choose a side. My favorite part was when he said all those who didn’t side with the title of liberty were basically traitors – although he didn’t say those words exactly. I like how they said if every man were like him hell wouldn’t even have Power on earth. I think he lived the phrase “with it or on it” very well. I love you all I hope you all have a great night. Talk to you all very soon.
Love Elder Allred


02/09/2009 Letter

February 17, 2009

Hey familia
So this week was a lot of ups and downs. I was called to be senior and got a comp who is leaving the mission in a week. He will complete his 2 years on the mission. He’s been getting me comfortable to take over next week. On top of it all we opened up Jardim America. I was transferred of course and am now in my first stake. I am within 20 minutes by bus of my first area. I have seen a lot of the members from the first area and they all said my Portuguese has improved!!! The best thing to ever happen in my life happened last night. We went to sing for our president to help him feel the spirit there at the meeting. I was there and saw all the members of Muribecca. A guy about my age entered and it was Edijaci. Elder Riddle and I had taught him and his sister all the lessons and when I was transferred out he hadn’t been baptized. After a while they had decided to leave the discussions. About half way through he approached Elder Riddle and said he wanted to be baptized so they baptized him and his sister. When I saw him yesterday he had made a trip that was 20 minutes to the stake building just to hear the president speak and that was the greatest amount of joy I have ever felt. I was very grateful for that experience.
Opening up an area is really difficult but this has been fun week. I really like opening up areas. It is my first but it’s the closest I’ve been to relying only on the Lord’s help. We’ve passed the goal for 12 but our companion goal is 20. MY comp wants 5 before he goes home and we already baptized last Saturday. She was already prepared and everything. Just 4 more with him and 15 to go afterwards. He’s really teaching me how to focus in on the mentality of the work. It will be a good week of learning and working. We are going to be working a lot with the members to re-activate the less-actives as well. I hope to get new investigators while I am at it. My testimony has grown a ton these last few days as well as my ability to work. It hasn’t exactly changed anything being senior. I am still working the same way as before I guess the only thing is that it’s my fault if stuff happens. But I will definitely see how much more I can learn from these experiences.
I am glad to hear Megan got into BYUI – congratulations. I knew you could get in. I hope the ´´package´´ arrives soon before the graduation. Just remember you got a bro in Brazil who likes baseball caps and t-shirts!!!! lol…

Hey mom and dad I am glad to hear about the callings it sounds like they are going o be really busy now. It always picks up this time of year. But I am glad to hear they are going well.

So I don’t know when you were thinking about sending some things down my way but when ever you planned to send some stuff I have a few requests. I am almost out of sun block, and I need some gold bond powder. I was wondering if you could find some inexpensive rechargeable batteries also for my camera. Is there any way I can get the EFY 2008 CD from the video you made me. I was just wondering if you could send a burned copy of it. Yeah also Elder Carter thought the kilts you made were cool is there anyway to send one of mine to give to him? If it’s too much weight it’s not a problem to leave it. I just wanted to see about it. I am sorry I didn’t write last week. My comps grandma had us there until an hour before p-day ended. We got home 30 minutes late… But she is fine nothing was wrong just that she was passing through and wanted to see him. It was cool they treated me like I was there family!! I have a comp now who wants to write Meg is it cool if he does? And I think he is cool so if you want to you can he is a cool guy!!! My last one I would rather you didn’t… Elder Finley said he wrote you a letter Meg it is coming just thought you should know that. Anyways life is going good. I can’t believe I have so little time to work. It doesn’t seem possible to have a year out. I love you all I hope thing are going well. Talk to you later. eu preçiso mandar este livro para vocês antes o fim do mundo!!! te amo!!
Elder Allred!