03/02/2009 Letter

Oi tudo bem!! Como vêm de vocês. Eu sou muita grato por uma família mesmo se vocês. Sabia? Te amo..

Well thanks for your last letters they really were a great spirit raiser. This last week was really good. We marked some people to be baptized so now we have some people to work with as far as reaching their goals. I really enjoy the companion that I have. He has a vast understanding of the gospel and I will learn much from him. So this week I have been working much towards being a companion and not a senor. I have realized that it is more important at times to follow. I don’t not believe a leader always should lead but when not making a joint choice it is really good to just GO with what others have. I have seen my companion make some really crucial decisions for us this week and I have realized that he is a leader also. I think all together the role of senior is to have someone responsible for reports and rules. But I have realized that having more time on the mission doesn’t actually mean you are better qualified to work and invite others. It’s been a good learning experience and I see him growing also.

I like the fact my home has become my old work. Wow, 25 dozen cookies sounds like I was back in sunshine again when Steve told me he was knocking out 300 types of M&MS and then another 300 of chocolate chip. Yeah I had to laugh at that one. All you were missing was your experienced bakery assistance. But the lord is working him in Brazil for at least another year!! Well that is good though now we can open a bakery!!

We had a very good experience this last week. We got a to a guy’s home to teach him and found that he was a composer of gospel music for the Assembly of God. It was a good experience talking to him. We talked to him about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We felt the spirit very strong with him and invited him to be baptized. I’m excited to see how he is doing we will visit him this week. My comp and I were walking. Sometimes as missionaries we get too much into the mode of ´´missionary thinking´´ to really understand the promptings of the spirit. When in all reality missionary thinking should be purely the spirit. Anyways I was thinking about what we would do and who we were going to teach. My comp stopped and turned and started talking to an older lady who was resting under some shade. We talked to her and taught her about the restoration also. She has a very sweet spirit about her and she wants to hear more. I’m really excited for this time that we get to teach her. I have learned that it is better to be thinking with the spirit and not of my own desires and thoughts. Imagine if we had not found her. So I invite you all at home to follow the promptings the Holy Ghost gives you and when he tells you to try and converse with others, just go and enjoy what come of it. We were walking the other day and I had a thought that said to do contacts. So I talked to my comp and he agreed and we went and did some contacts. It was great to do it again and I met many people. The desire was a good one, the thought was a good one. Therefore as the scriptures tell us all things that are good are from the spirit. Alma chapter 5 I think. I didn’t get much luck but my comp managed to meet a few people that we are now teaching. Perfect. Elder Bednar told us. Follow your good feelings and do all the good that can be done and if something doesn’t work out try again. But at least you’re doing well and keeping close to the Holy Ghost.

It was a good week. I know I need to work a lot more on retaining scripture references. I can remember what I am told and things but remembering where exactly they are is a big weakness of mine. So I will try to improve on that. Any advice? I’m proud of you all and the work you are doing to help the branch grow. The missionaries will really appreciate your help and desires to serve. I love you all I hope all goes well this next week. I’m always praying for you. Love you all!!
Elder Allred

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