Hey Família. How are things? So I am doing really well. Thanks for all your letter of support and for everything. I have really been enjoying my last few weeks of this transfer. I have seen how the Lord has definitely prepared people to teach. We have met many new people this week and through our efforts have prepared many for church and commitments. Although Sunday was a little difficult for many to come to church we did our part by helping them come and those who didn’t come this time have made plans to meet with us this week. So in all we are really trying to do our part of the work. This being our last week of the transfer will be a rush. We will be working with everything we have to baptize this last week and also prepare others for baptism the first week of the transfer. I am really excited to work this week. We have been planning an activity with the youth here. We had the youth come in and place 500 pass along cards with 500 messages into 500 envelopes. We wrote on all of them a short message and gave them out on Sunday to the youth and Relief Society to hand out and give out to the residences around them. The idea is that with the elects that our Heavenly Father prepares a few of them will try to call and receive information about the church. The message we sent out with the cards invited them to come to church. Many who live here don’t realize that they can just show up when they want and attend, being with the hours. So it is very important that we invite them and let them know they are always welcome to attend and learn more. To our surprise we had a great number of references that came to church. I was very excited to see how the wards members are getting so excited about the work here. It shows that through our efforts the Lord’s work has really taken off this last transfer. The key word being effort. It has taught me that we are required to put in effort and put in our righteous desires and the Lord will do the rest. As a ward member was telling me, the inspiration of the ward leaders and members led to the great reactivation and references that happened on Sunday. It proves that no effort on a missionary’s part is wasted as long as he/she are doing all they are supposed to do. We, along with the members and the leaders, did something really great and a lot will come from it. Now it is a matter of working even harder to keep this going. We had a good experience the other day. We were teaching about the plan of salvation. It was the first time I think I’ve gotten to teach this lesson in about 2 months. We taught it and found that she was really excited about all she was learning. We have really enjoyed the time we have had to teach her. She said it was the first time anyone ever asked her to pray to know something.

I have appreciated reading your letters. I thank you all for your love in showing and giving me so much advice. It will really help make these situations pass better. I love each of you and think of you often. I pray for you each day. Thank you for your prayers also. I will talk to you all again soon.

Love Elder Allred

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