Hey familia how are things? Well life is going well. I can’t complain. This last week of the transfer was probably the best I’ve had on the mission as far as last weeks [of transfers] go. We worked well and my comp is much different than the others I have. He believes in working hard. I have really enjoyed this last week. We saw the results of the work we put in all come together this last Sunday. All of our investigators came to church. We are just that much closer to helping them grow and follow the example of the Savior. They have seen the functions of the church and have made friends. This step has been tremendous and to see an area grow from very little work to what it is now has been a privilege and a blessing. I can’t express my gratitude to the Lord for the opportunity I have had to serve here. I just hope he allows me a little more time to realize the ultimate goal. The members are excited, there seems to be a stronger desire to work and grow here. And this upcoming Sunday will give us a chance to really bring the work to them. We will be giving talks on missionary work in the ward. I have been thinking some on the meaning of eternal friendships. I have finally realized what that means on the mission. It means you don’t give up regardless of how many times they deny the gospel. Because one day we will all know the truth of things. I personally want my family and friends with me to enjoy all the blessings I can enjoy. I don’t want to see them unhappy with me because I didn’t bother to share the gospel with them. I don’t know what I would say to a friend, who couldn’t be there with me, knowing that I had the knowledge and testimony to help them out I didn’t. So here I am on the mission making tons of new friends each day and trying to help them reach their full potential. And by doing so you no longer become just a friend in this life but forever. I have reflected on this during this past week. I can only think of the scripture…John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” I just thought I would share that with you all.

We have been working with a family here. They have really been great about teaching with us and sharing their personal testimonies. The greatest thing a member can do to help is to just accept the investigators and become friends with them. Sometimes their doubts and worries all end from simple friendships. I have a good idea how a simple friendship in the church can make even the biggest doubts disappear. We have had many investigators here who didn’t know whether they wanted to go to church. The truth was that it was just a simple matter that they hardly knew anyone and in a normal human reaction were nervous to visit. But the moment we taught with this family they began to feel more comfortable and confident.

We have also had the opportunity to meet many devoted members of other faiths. We made really good friends with a composer of music who wants to stay with his church. But you never met a nicer guy in all your life. The first day we met him he gave us big hugs and we listened to his music. A real nice guy. But I guess that is about all that happened this week.

We have the call tomorrow so we will see if I stay, go, or get a new companion here. I am not sure what the lord has planned but in all I can be very grateful for this last transfer and the things I’ve seen and learned. Be happy I am praying for you all here. Hopefully you will get to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Billie getting sealed I am way excited for them. I will be praying for you all there. If you can buy the Book of Mormon Doctrine while you pass through Provo I would like two inexpensive copies. I have a buddy here who will give me money for the book when it arrives and can send it to you. But if you don’t go through Provo don’t worry there are lots of Utahans here who could do the same thing. He just wanted me to ask. Well I love you. I hope Korbin and Corbin are all right. I have been thinking about the Kavanaughs lately. Tell them hi for me and I will be sending a letter soon. Love you all.
Elder Allred

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