03/23/2009 Letter

Hey Family. Well I was transferred. I am in Barra de Janga now. It is a great place; the funny thing is it is within a bus ride to my last area. I am in the same zone and everything. Funny huh? Well yeah the missionary from Barra got transferred to my area so we just switched. It’s neat to see how the Lord works. I am enjoying my new area and all is well. My new comp is what we call here a curto praza. He isn’t exactly a missionary but a member who is serving a part time mission. So in all a lot of the rules don’t apply to him. It is kinds hilarious because he knows practically everyone here. I found out that all of the people that went to church last week have been marked to be baptized. It really shows me how all the finding and teaching we did brought about much good. I know we prepared them well and now the new elder and my old comp will make sure the rest happens. It’s a good feeling to know they accepted. We are working with the baptisms in Barra. Of course the first week is always a learning week. It was slow because I needed to learn all the things about the area. But now we will be working hard for our baptisms. The only problem is we have no idea where they live. It appears they show up at the activities and we teach them before or after at the church. We will be better about doing that. The ward is really great. They are all excited for the missionary work. We will be giving the ward missionaries training for the next transfer. We have been talking to the bishop and he feels it s a good idea that they be prepared to teach like the missionaries do. This I have no problem with as long was we can see they know the gospel principles and have a clear testimony of the gospel they can be baptized. This I think we greatly help the missionary work grow. I feel very grateful to my father in heaven for giving me this opportunity to experience the growth of missionary work. We did a service project the other day. I learned a little more about cement and mixing it. At the same time we almost put up a whole section of her home. The only thing missing was the roof and a few more brick levels. But for the most part it was finished. I agree with this phrase. Missionaries really have no idea how to do anything but can do everything. I learned some good tools about working with cement and figured out how to do it well enough. I guess it isn’t all that hard anyways. The hard part was the setting in the bricks. Tried that I am not sure I want to try it again thanks. But it was a good time. My comp was sick and really couldn’t do much but we enjoyed it anyways. This week I managed to get into the real good things in first Nephi. I learned a lot of the Lord’s promises to him and the events that would take place in the world. Studying the scriptures the way the president has asked has helped me to learn more and get more out of reading. I have read the same chapter over and over and until now have missed a lot of things. I have found that reading the same chapter over and over is really good because every day our perspectives change. So one scripture can mean something to you one day and the next have something completely different to add. In this way we can learn that the scriptures have many of life’s answers. It’s funny how many times I can pick up the scriptures and see a new meaning in it every day. Just thought I would share that with you. Well I know this is really short. I can’t say a whole bunch happened this week. This week I know will be better. I love you all. I hope you all are doing well. I am praying for you.

Love Elder Allred

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