03/30/2009 Letter

Hey familia. So things are going well. My comp is really great, he has a year already as a part time missionary and has much experience. This week was a little crazy, we made many trips for him as we are preparing to get him on his real mission. I was his escort to the temple this last Saturday and I really enjoyed that experience. This week will be full of more work. I am not worried and I am sure that with time we can get everything done on his paper work so he can go next transfer. It’s like trying to prepare for a mission all over again. Maybe I am getting some prep training for a future calling in the church, who knows. Anyways our scheduled baptisms didn’t go through, they weren’t at church and so to be baptized, a person needs to keep their commitments. But we have two young men about 17 years old who are ready to go this Saturday. We just need to prepare them a little more. I am really excited to be doing this transfer. The president said it would be a little difficult and seem a little different but promised all will be normal afterwards. His main worry is that my comp won’t go on a mission if he goes home so we are sending him straight from mission to mission. His choice will be if he wants to do the full 2 years or 1 year because of his 1 year as short term missionary. But I believe he is planning for the full 2 years. It will be interesting to see where he goes. The ward is really going well. We are now giving training to the ward missionaries. I am confident that we can increase our finding of God’s elects to teach as mentioned in Alma 32. I am very confident that we can help their area be more acceptable to new missionaries. I am hoping with this new form the ward will be teaching as much as we do and finding as much as we can. After all, the responsibility goes to the members to provide. In preach my gospel it talks of the ideal situation. The ideal situation is when an investigator has a desire to go to church because they choose to learn. They go with a member friend of theirs who has invited them. The missionaries don’t necessarily have it easy to teach them but it is better for the investigator. How cool would it be if all the investigators already had a friend? If they could ask their member friends anything and their member friends could respond with certainty. I am confident this is what Heavenly Father wants. That’s why it is so important to study doctrine each day and always be willing to help. I can’t wait until I can make new friends this way. The work here has taught me that as a member I need to be looking for every opportunity to make friends with the new investigators. In the end they will feel more confident about their personal decisions. And if they choose not to follow their answers than they have and I have at least gained a friend. And how can that hurt?

But we will work with this. The goal is to make it a mock district meeting. Basically the missionaries of the ward will be treated as missionaries. We have ordered planners already for them and plan to give them lesson booklets and pass along cards. It will be a good start and its something I’ve had on my mind for a long time. It’s good to be finally doing it. Well I can’t say I’ve done too much else. We did a family home evening the other day with our investigator in the house of our maína.

I am glad to hear the play went well. I can’t wait to see it. I hope everything is going well with you all and that you are having a great time with the youth. Love you all. I am always praying for you.

Love elder allred

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