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So this week was good. We tried baptizing some more people we only managed one. It’s a good reminder to me that really it’s the individual choice that one makes to be baptized. We did our part and tried to get them prepared but in the end it is their choice and their future they are making. I really enjoyed the time that I had in teaching and preparing Andre for baptism. We had a few happenings on his day though. The baptismal font was left full from the last elders´ baptism almost 3 weeks ago. The electric motor no longer works and so the water has no way of leaving. It was a little discouraging, we needed to call the other ward to use their font and had no time to talk to the bishop of our ward about the problem. Imagine the surprise he had when we told him of our findings. Needless to say I understood and with calmness was able to fix things. The baptism went well. During the night we had a good talk with his mother about the gospel and have managed to set up a time to talk with her this up coming week. She was so impressed that she made a visit to conference on Sunday. It was a very good conference. I missed the first session because of a moving project in the morning. Our mission moms in Barra who lived just below us moved. So we helped them and their family. We arrived to see the last session and then went to priesthood session the next morning real early. The last two sessions were excellent I met up with my old comp from the CTM and watched conference with him and also met up with Edijany and Edicleneo from my first area who I practically baptized. We had taught them everything and when I left for Arcoverde they were ready to be baptized. I was 2 feet taller that day knowing they have stayed firm to their covenants with the Lord and that I had some part in their conversion. I will never forget them. I consider them some of my closest friends here in Brasil. I sat with them during conference also and talked to them afterwards. I believe I will plan a day to go and visit them and all the ward members again.

I was very edified by the talk given by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. From what I gathered in Portuguese I believe he talked of our own preparation in life and how we must be prepared each day. Of course I loved the talks by all those who gave them and can’t wait to watch it in English. Although a good experience to listen to conference in Portuguese I think I would get more out of it in English. So that was basically my week. We are planning so much right now to really help this ward next transfer. My comp really is working to get on his mission and I want more than anything to help him their and experience the growth he and I will have in this experience. Of course we met with many obstacles and we are working for it to all come together. I feel we are much like the early men on Zion’s camp. Sometimes in our normal lives we are called to do special things that require our own will and desire. Things get tough like it did for them but if we don’t complain about those things and keep on keeping on the Lord will see what he can call us to do. We are then prepared and edified together as members and can reach our highest capacities. Sometimes its best not to complain and just do it and see what is waiting for us. I really liked to talk by President Monson that said we need to pray fervently, study diligently, and live in I honestly forgot the word in English but understand the Portuguese you know what I mean. Anyways it was really good and I know it called me to repentance a little like GC always does. Lol. Well I love you all. I know you are doing well. This makes me happy. I am glad the Lord is protecting you and keeping you. I know the church is true and know we have living prophets and apostles today. I know we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. I love you all and can’t wait to talk to you next week. Tyler plan on getting a good letter for your 16th birthday, I got some advice for you bro. I love you all. I hope this Easter will be awesome I am missing you guys. Love Elder Allred

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