Hey familia.
Well this past week was really good. We had a great run around this week. Easter was also very interesting. They did a huge production of the passion of the Christ here in Brasil. They have about three different street locations and also a city play that goes on. It is so big here that they have an arena especially made for the passion of the Christ. We had very little luck with member references because lots were traveling this week but that is to be expected. We baptized this last week. It was really nerve racking to me because they were late for baptism but eventually they arrived and all went well. They told us afterwards how light they felt and different they felt because of the baptism. The next day only one was confirmed, the other had some activities he was doing and couldn’t make it. We will do all we can this next week to get him to church.

My companion has been going to the dentist and doctor to finish his last portion of the form. We hope to have the form sent out so that he can go on his mission. It almost done and we are doing a lot of divisions to get the area and him set up.

On Thursday we had our zone conference and that was really good. I really enjoyed that. I also really enjoyed the message we received from president. We need to be more receptive to the spirit and also recognize the spirit in our personal lives. Many times we call thoughts our own when really we received them. This I really need to work on.

We tried finding some more people to teach by looking at all the old investigators. Turns out that we dint have much luck finding. We found a good family though and we will begin preparing to teach them this next week.

We are working now more with the missionaries of the ward and also the stake president has been giving us some pointers on things we can do to help the ward mission program. It has been a lot of meetings and things and I hope I can stay in the ward to get the program activated. That way everything can be up and running for the new missionaries that arrive. I am really excited to be working with the members they all have a very special spirit of service in them and with this spirit we can baptize many and help many here get on the right path.
For the first time yesterday I realized the gravity of only having 10 months to go. I realized that I will never have the opportunity to do this kind of work in my life again. I have realized that I will have very little time to invite people to be baptized. I won’t have this authority of God to knock on doors searching for people. Sure I can knock on doors after the mission but I won’t be able to do it as a missionary. As much as people are ready to go home after two years of serving I don’t think I will be overjoyed at ending my missionary service. I know I will be happy to see everyone again. It’s a weird feeling and it struck me yesterday as we were going to a meeting. I have really looked at this as a good thing though. I know now I will be working a lot harder to do the work I need to. With this feeling that it is going by to fast it will encourage me to want to do all I can before it ends. My companion told me this once; the mission is like hard candy. It’s sweet and satisfying, but hard. I thought much on this and received this in my thoughts; hard candy takes a while to dissolve so it can be enjoyed longer. With more time you develop a taste for it and it becomes normal. Then it gets to be the end and when all is said and done you have an after taste that is still really good. I guess the same can be said for a mission, but the only difference is I control the after taste I am going to have. I want to have a good long lasting after taste, so I need to work a little longer and a little harder to make the flavor sweeter. Sort of a funny analogy but it makes sense. Well I Love you all I hope that this week is going well for you. I miss you all and can’t wait to talk to you again this mother’s day. The members here are treating us really well. They all have a very good spirit about them. Love you all.

Elder Allred

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