Letter from Jason’s Companion

Hi Brent and Jackie,

How are you all? First, I will introduce myself. My name is Elder Archilia, I am in the Brazil Recife Mission for 4 months. I am from Sorocaba, Sau Paulo, and I had the opportunity to be your son’s companion. Well I wanted you all to know that I am very grateful for this opportunity that I had because he is a great missionary and I was able to learn a lot with him.

Elder Allred is a very special and spiritual man. I’m sad that I didn’t stay one more transfer with him. Unfortunately, we only stayed together for 21 days, but I can say that they were my best days in the missions so far.

We were in a difficult area that didn’t have investigators at church for 5 months, but in our first Sunday together we had 3 investigators, and on our second Sunday, there were 10 investigators at church, it was great. But there was a transfer and he left, I was sad, and last week my companion and I baptized one of these families and Elder Allred couldn’t even come to see it.

I know that he is doing a great work in his new area, and I am pretty sure that he will baptize 3 people this week. Well, I just wanted to tell you all that without a doubt you have been a great example to Elder Allred. I also had the opportunity to see your family’s happiness by the video that you guys made for him. I say the games that your family plays, and even making Megan laugh. That was very funny, she has a beautiful laugh! I say Tyler playing ball with her, he needs to practice to get better, but it was good. Even the moment that the 2 began to play fight.

So in the end, congratulations for the son that you have, and I hope that I helped him in something because he helped me a lot.

Hug to all of you.

Elder Archilia.

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