04/20/2009 Letter

Hey familia… Tudo esta bem?

Well this past week was great. We baptized Alisson and the baptism went well. Also we found some more people to teach in a smaller village outside of our area. We will begin teaching them more this next week. We did a few more divisions this past week. My comp had more things he had to complete on his mission papers. I guess he ran into some problems with the dentist and so he will be waiting a little while. He also got pink eye so I’ve been keeping clear of that. I am pretty sure the Lord has blessed me with good health because I haven’t had any problems with it until now. It’s already been found though in about 5 other missionaries so I am going to just keep washing my hands and hope I won’t have to deal with it either.

The president was speaking at priesthood session the other day. We had stake conference. I thought we would be required to go to these things so naturally showed up at priesthood conference. To my surprise the president was there which I wasn’t informed and no other missionaries were there. Afterwards I found him and asked him if we were supposed to come and he told us no, it was only required for us to be at conference during Sunday session, so we went to visit our other investigators that night and it was a good spiritual uplift. Next time I know I guess.

Transfers will be this upcoming Wednesday. I am almost certain my comp will go to Recife now that the president wants his papers in, this way the president will be able to know exactly what will happen and the cost for travel won’t be as much. I’ve learned a few more things about leadership this last transfer. I’ve learned that regardless of our positions in the church we need to be leaders. The mission is full of leaders who are good and then again we have leaders who make mistakes. The important thing is to never criticize them for their abilities but always support them. The effect of our examples will be of better use than the power to command others. I have often times on the mission until now thought that the influence of our leaders is what moves the mission but what truly motivates the mission are the missionaries who are obedient and who work regardless of rank or calling. It took me 1 year on the mission, one eagle, and observations to finally realize that. Just serve in our positions that the Lord calls us and keep going when we are called to be leaders we are examples and influences. I read a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson the other day. He said “your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.” I thought that was very true in concern to how we as members act. I see many times on the mission people who wish to criticize but don’t practice what they say. Then again it seems that greater influences are those who don’t criticize but do what is faulting to serve and to help others. In this people realize that they are slacking on some things and need to improve. So with this new thing I’ve learned I hope I can practice more being a person by example then by criticism. Because I know we all criticize during some points. Lol…

I know today is a short letter. We didn’t have many people to teach but were blessed with a baptism. I love you and am praying for you always. I love you all have a great week.
Love Elder Allred

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