04/27/2009 Letter

Hey familia. como via. eu esou muito bem..
So Tuesday morning hits. I am all excited to prepare for transfers and then the phone rings.  It’s Elder Rodriguez from Vitoria which was my late comps home town and his family was to be sealed at the temple that day. They had no way of calling him to be there at the temple. It was my first sealing that I got to see in my life. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to see him, his brothers, sisters and mother and father (who passed away) get sealed in the temple. It was a great experience and a great way to end the transfer. He was transferred to Jão Boratão and has already sent in his papers. I am excited to see where he will go. I received a companheiro with 2 months on the mission. He was just trained this last transfer. I am excited to use some of my knowledge to help out with any worries but I am also learning a lot from him as well as I always do from all my comps. He is from Jason’s mission in São Paulo but hasn’t met him before. I have already met many missionaries from there who say that he is a really great missionary. It’s cool to have a comp from the same mission as my cousin. Anyways it was funny to hear him talk about his past jobs. He was a clown once and worked a lot with people, so he knows a lot about exciting people and using his gifts to help the members. We are now beginning an activity to bring references to us. The ward will split in 3 parts and each group will be responsible for activities within themselves. This will give them the opportunity to focus on their districts and we can go in during activities and get references and meet less-actives. It is a great idea that has been a long time coming in the ward. It appears they were just waiting for the right missionary to get them excited. My comp is really exciting and I like to do new things so the ward will really help us with their program and we can begin truly working hard in this area. My ultimate goal is leaving this area knowing future missionaries will be able to get lots of references. It’s quite a jump this last week from what we had the last transfer.

I am still learning lots about leadership and bringing the Light of Christ to others. I have been reading in D&C 130 about the Light of Christ and how we need to help others. If you go to 3rd Nephi 12:15-16 you will find a great scripture of what we as members should be doing. I love it.

We are working a lot with couples here trying to get them married. It will be a good work to do I am excited to help them and their families. We are focusing more this transfer in the mission on families. The president wants us to focus more on getting whole families to accept the gospel rather than just a few. This will greatly help us to grow in our teaching and our relationships with others.

Megan you can’t graduate this year sorry. Looks like you are going to be in until I get home I will write Rebby to keep you there if I have to. hahahaha…

I am glad to hear about the exciting adventures you all are having there in the branch it makes me that more excited to begin helping once I finish my mission service. It sounds like the branch is being very blessed and it is all because of obedience and love. You are such a choice family to me and thanks for being such a great example for me in what I need to do to be happier on the mission. Seems like there is always something we need to work on. I recognize a few things I could do better. But this is what the mission is all about. I am working and the Lord shows me what to strengthen. Then I go to work again.

I hope the package arrives here in a little bit; she is sending it or will send it but it will get there. I love you all; I will be praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts. Megan still can’t graduate. haha…. Love you all talk to you soon.
Love always
Elder Allred

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