Well I am way excited to for this Sunday. I will really enjoy the opportunity to talk to all of you once again. So this week was really good. I had the opportunity to see our activities go through and see things happen as they should. We did a division and my companion stayed here in Barra with the group leader of the apartments. I went a little bit into the country and did a division with the bishop in the country folks group. We had 13 people there at the activity that weren’t members. Think of what a great activity that was. I really enjoyed the talk on families by the bishop and luckily had some pamphlets about the Proclamation to the World to hand out to people. It was overall a very good experience. They didn’t have any games planned so I went out of my shyness and did the world’s biggest zoo game. It was a really good time; when I get home I will have to play that game with all of you.

We got back to the other group in just enough time to see them finish. It was a good turnout and now we have many people that we can begin teaching out in the country.  We are also working on getting some people active again in the church. Sometimes the reasons they left are so small that it just takes a little diplomacy and friendship to get them back and to enjoy the full blessings again of their baptisms. We met a man who has had some really rough times in his life. We invited him and he told us he didn’t have good clothes to come to church., my comp just looked at him and said you only need to have yourself there because the Lord accepts you for who you are. He said “he would go for the Lord.” He was there Sunday and to our great joy he participated well and talked to the bishop and the stake president. We are going to attempt to get two members married. Based on some money issues they can’t get married but we will try to see what we can do to help them.

We are trying also to get a family married in Cucurana. She has been investigating the church for 2 weeks now but we haven’t gotten a hold of her boyfriend. Being that they have to be married before baptism we will try this next week to get a hold of him. He already has great interest in knowing the church but has to work a lot.

So I have learned a little more this week about miracles. If we just work, even if we don’t have success for a while, the miracles come because we are being obedient and we are showing our desire. Things just happen that when looking back it doesn’t seem possible. But it isn’t us that provide miracles it is the Lord and we are simply doing his will which provides the opportunities and opens the door for a miracles to happen. I will explain more about this miracle later in another letter.

Well my companion is from Sao Paulo just to explain a little about him. I’ve seen some of his pics already they are pretty wild. I don’t think I will attempt any clown pictures. The ward is getting more amore excited as we implement more and more of the thoughts given to us. It is a great opportunity to work with him but challenging for me because now I need to do some instructing on some things in the mission.

Megan thanks for the letter I would greatly enjoy a DVD or something to feel apart of your graduation. It is really sad for me that I can’t be there but at the same time I am glad I am doing something worth the while. I love you.

Hey just don’t get sick anymore alright. I don’t want you guys getting Pig Flu or whatever they call it in the U.S. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me. Well Mom and Dad I can’t wait to talk to you this weekend. I love you all and hope things are going well and will go well this week. I am praying for you and thinking of you. Looking forward to your phone call. Love
Elder Allred

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