Hey familia.
The phone call was very awesome. I think that it was a little difficult to talk in English again but I really enjoyed hearing all of your voices again and knowing that I will see you all again will make it that much better. Thanks for the patience you all had with me and have with me even today. I know one form of love is patience. 1 Corinthians 13 really shows that every attribute of Jesus Christ is some form of love. I am trying to implement them in my life. I see that you all have grown also. I know that with the changes even the ones that separate us for a little while like this mission has gives us the best changes necessary to grow and receive the higher blessings of our Father in Heaven. I recognize that in all of you and know that you are all growing in this experience with me.

Well I guess what p-day today was a bunch of traveling around. we tried waiting for the rest of the zone to get to a spot for lunch and kind of ate up the p-day. but then we relaxed and that was ok. I tried sending this e-mail sooner but the e-mail was down in many places and there was very little I could do. I know next week will be better.
I would very much like to talk when I get home. I will have a ton of stories to tell when I get home. I think a life time of stories. Also I think I would very much like to just chill out with you all when i get home. But that is another 9 months and I wont let those thoughts get to my work.. lol… just the plane ride home!!!! so anyways I guess I could share a dream I had. I had a dream about the mountains back home last night. I had a dream I went to Yellowstone with you all that was a lot of fun. It was all in Portuguese but was a lot of fun. I woke up and cleaned the house and left. Well this week we are getting ready to baptize. We want to baptize about 3 of our investigators and with faith we will be able to help them.

I saw that Hunter is getting married I got the letter form grandma and grandpa today. congratulate him for me.  I hope all will go well with the graduation this week I know all will be fine. I love each of you and cant wait to see you again here in 9 months.. I pray for each night. there exists no other family that I would rather be with for time and all eternity than with all of you.
love you all..
Elder Allred

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