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Life is good we had a very good week and made a lot of progress in our areas. We have been receiving many references from the members because of the may different activities they do. I have really enjoyed the ward here and really see the love they have. We had planned an activity with the ward missionaries but that sort of bombed and then the baptism we had planned was rescheduled by one of the members. We discovered this person to be influencing the person to constantly change the date of her own baptism because this person wanted to be there and didn’t want to make the sacrifices of their own time to go so they influenced our candidate to keep changing. Needless to say we had a conference with the leadership and they will make sure it doesn’t happen again. We had a good baptism. We decided to go in suits and I used the idea of our old ward to play the Small and Simple Things DVD during the meeting after the baptism remembering that it made the meeting that much better and the spirit was the much sweeter. It was a good baptism and she is very happy now she was confirmed this Sunday and I could see the happiness that she had.

The activity on Friday was held in three places again. I was in Barra this time my comp in Cucurana. My comp said there were at least 32 people there and 22 were nonmembers. We contacted many this week already but can to do more. One of them were a woman and her two children. The woman is deficient in hearing and speaking but it was a good lesson and she understood us even through it all. She and her two children came to church this past sunday and I could tell they were really happy. We didn’t even have an idea that they were relatives of a member friend of ours. It was a miracle.

Speaking of miracles. On Saturday we had accessed the situation of our areas mission. The member missionaries weren’t able to come because of a birthday party that went on the day before and many were tired. We had hoped to really help Cucurana but it didn’t happen. So we did a fast. Our purpose was fasting for the area and for our opportunities o increase in finding more baptisms. I ended my fast at noon when church ended and my comp a little while after. Anyway we were waiting for our bishop to get our signature for a baptism form and he was in an meeting of a mother of a recent convert who until now hasn’t been baptized. She has been taught and is a good friend of ours and lives under us in our apartments. She has been very difficult in getting to baptize but the bishop called us. She had been crying and told us that that morning she had heard a voice calling to her. This voice gave her good feelings. She came in to church feeling very warm and the moment she stepped in to church she felt very welcome there. She ahs been attending for almost 3 months now. She has been praying for her answer and finally got it during the gospel principals class. Ether 12:6 was read about faith. She has decided to be baptized this Saturday. I will be praying much for her she is truly one who needs the gospel and who accepts Jesus Christ as our savior.

I am will write a letter to Grandpa. I will be praying for him and thinking of him. I know I will be worried until I hear more about. If anything else happens please call the office and let them know. I would be very grateful for that. I know it is natural for me to be worried for those I love. I was worried last week when everyone had been sick. Just like I was last year when dad was having anxiety attacks. I know I am get worried about these things because I am far away. I know also I am here for a purpose and you guys want me to stay focused as I know Grandpa wants me to. So I will but I will be thinking much about the welfare of my family this week.. Its sort of uncontrollable.

Well Megan congratulations on your graduation, I was there by heart and love. Tyler keep up the good work on scouting you will never forget those moments in your life. Mom and Dad you guys taught us how to be good and how to be valiant. I learned most of my best things from you. I love you all I hope all is well. I will be praying for all of you this week. I know you are all being blessed for your hard work. In your callings and for your love of the lord. Megan good job in standing up for your convictions in saying the benediction.. I am proud of the example my family shows for the church.  I love you again.
Elder Allred

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