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Well I am having a great week. We had our miracle this last week. Pedro’s mom was baptized. She was really struggling with an answer but it was a great thing to see. The Lord works in ways we cant even imagine I think He was waiting to see her faith and our faith. When she had decided to be baptized it was right after we had finished fasting. That was a trial of faith for us. I think also she had been praying for an answer and got it as I had previously explained. It all went well. I was the distraction for Pedro because his mom wanted to surprise him. So we told him the DL´s were coming to inspect my work and interview my comp. I told him I needed him to help out with an activity and teaching. I went to teach (he being the 2nd assistant of the missionary program) and we were able to talk about the missionary work. It was funny I got a call from the DL´s saying we couldn’t go to the church because his mom was on her way. So taking that for actuality I went with Pedro to the apartment he lives in which is the same building as us. Well we went to he and his mom’s apartment to talk about the work and activities but his mom was still there. She was all dressed up and ready to go to her baptism. He asked her where she was going. She said a birthday party she was called to down the road. Yeah that went well. Luckily nothing was suspected but they gave me a hard time about it afterwards. We got Pedro into the chapel just before the baptism was about to happen and told him we needed him to do a baptism for us. He had been wanting to participate in his first baptism for along time so as he waited for the investigator to be baptized. They called her name and she came to meet him in the font. It was a really emotional time for the ward and for them both. I know it was a long time coming for them both and for all of her friends. But that was how the baptism went.

We are working more and more in the village of Cucurana. We already have 3 marked for this next Friday. I am excited to be working with them this week. Transfers will be next week. I can’t believe that it flew by so fast. Before I know it I will only have 6 transfers left and then I’ll be in real trouble. We are going to have a conference this Thursday with the area president. He will be talking to us about some new thing to focus on and probably give us some new tips on how to perfect our missions. I find it interesting how effective the mission turns once we have an apostle or area authority come to talk. I think sometimes the mission gets so normal to us that we need a new way of looking at things. It’s a great thing to have these conferences. I always feel much more focused and in tune to my responsibilities when we have them.

I have been studying about our battle with the enemy lately. I have really enjoyed this subject because it gets me to look at the things I need to work on to not fall into problems. I did a self evaluation in chapter 6 of Preach my gospel. You study the attributes of Jesus Christ and then do a survey based on 1-5 points. This survey helped me see the points the enemy uses to get to me. I liked it so much I will do this survey at least every other transfer to see if I can get my point range higher and improve those things.

How are things going for you all? How is Wyoming and our Grandparents and family? I hope that you are all enjoying summer. I have been enjoying it immensely this last year and 4 months. Lol… Hey so I miss haircuts. I have been cutting my hair with a number 5 on the clippers for this whole time. I am looking forward to the good haircuts I got back home. Today we got a hair cut for the conference. And yeah they told me I am going bald. I think they just give a bad time. The president allowed us to go to the beach at 5:30 in the morning just to take pictures. I will have some more pics to send of me here in about a month. Well I hope all is well I love you all. Talk to you soon.
Love Elder Allred

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